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    Where to find the golden keys

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    Borderlands 2 - How to get the golden keys


    One of the new features in Borderlands 2 is represented by Golden keys. These special keys will allow you to open a chest containing very rare and completely random loot, which depends on the level you have when you open the chest (essentially, the higher your level, the better the weapon or the rare item that you will find inside).

    The beauty (or the ugly, see it as you please) is that each player can use only one key, and therefore it will be up to you to decide WHEN to use it. The golden keys cannot be given away or exchanged, while the loot that you will find inside the chest can.

    Where to find the golden keys

    Here comes the bad news. The Golden Keys look like a very "elegant" way devised by Gearbox to incentivize game pre-orders and discourage second-hand purchases. The golden keys in fact belong first of all to those who pre-order Borderlands 2, in this way you get a code that unlocks the key in the game. Anyone who did not have time to pre-order, however, should not despair. A key can be obtained by registering to Gearbox's SHIFT service, as shown in the following video

    Another key is also obtained by purchasing the season pass linked to the Mechromancer DLC (bargain, right?), While in the future there should be other events organized by the developer to distribute additional keys.

    How to Unlock Gold Keys on PC

    For the record, we report that a way has been discovered unlock gold keys on PC by editing a particular game file (willowdlc.ini). It is not our intention to encourage this practice that is not really "legitimate", so I just remind you that Borderlands 2 remains a very enjoyable game even without opening that damn chest, don't you think?

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