Where to find Random Events

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Sleeping Dogs - Guide to Finding All Events [Event Planner]


New guide dedicated to the mafiosissimo Sleeping Dogs, this time we take care of Events in the world of opportunity.

In Sleeping Dogs, the players have to complete to unlock the achievement / trophy "Events planner" are 28 in total. Of these 17 are the "drug arrests" which are regularly indicated on the map, while the remaining 11 are random events that are missing on the map and it is precisely these that we will deal with in this guide.

Where to find Random Events

Random Events are always in the same place, but they happen at random times. Before you have a chance to stumble upon one of these events, you will need to progress through the game, complete missions and other tasks, as the events unlock as you continue the adventure. You will have the greatest chance of encountering these events during the day with the presence of the sun (mainly from 10 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon). The following video can help you find them as it shows the location of all 11 random events, but remember that they will appear at random times, so if you don't find them right away, arm yourself with patience and try again.

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