Where to find helicopters and planes in GTA 5

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GTA 5: Under the Bridge and Knife Flight Challenges Guide [360-PS3]


In GTA V, there are two types of aerial challenges, called "Under the bridge" e "Knife Flight". The Under the Bridge challenges are 50 in total and ask you to fly under the bridges scattered around the game map, while the Knife Flight challenges are 15 in total and to complete them you need to fly between two obstacles quite close to each other (usually between two buildings). Completing all of them will unlock the Trophy / Objective "For a hair".

If you have already attended Flight School (in the game, of course), you will already know how to make a "knife", that is, when turning the plane on its side so that the wings are vertical to the horizon. It is advisable to perform knife flight challenges in a slow plane such as aerobatic plane or in any case using light airplanes.

The challenges Under the bridge can be completed with any aircraft, do some tests and see which ones respond best to your way of flying. The choice for the characters is also at your discretion, but to make things easier it is advisable to use Trevor, who is the one who has the most skill in flying and is usually found in places where it is easy to access airplanes.

Where to find helicopters and planes in GTA 5

For helicopters look in the Vespucci area, for planes go obviously to the airports or to the McKenzie fields (Trevor runways). If you have enough money and can buy them, visit the site with your mobile phone elitastravel.com for airplanes and helicopters, while on site warstock-cache-and-carry.com you will find different models of military helicopters.

Consult the fact sheet GTA 5 cheats and guides for other guides on this game, while to see where they are and how to complete all the "Knife Flight" and "Under the Bridge" challenges, see the videos below

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