Where to find Dead Rising 3 costumes

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Dead Rising 3: Unlockable Costumes Guide [Xbox One]


Following the tradition carried on in the series, also in Dead Rising 3 there are several unlockable costumes that can be worn by the protagonist of the game. Let's see what they are and where they are.

Where to find Dead Rising 3 costumes

Below are some videos showing where to find some of the alternative clothes (which to define bizarre is quite an understatement) scattered throughout the various chapters of the game. Just so that we do not miss anything during the zombie apocalypse, there is the costume to dress up as a shark, the protective suit against chemical attacks, the Zorat-style cheek wire (Banana Hammcock) and lots, maybe too much, other stuff.

The guide will be updated as new costumes are discovered. If you have something to report, do it in the comments. Good fun!


Costume Mega Man X
It is the most particular and probably the most coveted costume, so much so that we have dedicated one to it separate guide.

Banana Hammcock Costume (Chapter 2)

Kids Super Hero Costume (Chapter 2)

Mexican Wrestler Costume (Chapter 2)

S & M Costume (Chapter 2)

Big Bull Costume (Chapter 0)

Special OPS "Ghosts" skull mask costume (Chapter 4)

Sci Fi Space Suit Costume (Chapter 3)

Paramedic Costume (Chapter 4)

Tony Montana White Suit Costume (Chapter 4)

Surf / Sub Wetsuit Costume (Chapter 3)

Boxer costume and boxing gloves (Chapter 4)

Hazmat Protective Suit Costume (Chapter 3)

Medieval Armor Costume (Chapter 3)

Shark Costume (Chapter 3)


These were the costumes I liked the most but, if you like, in the following video (I must say done very well) you can easily see the location of all the alternate costumes of Dead Rising 3, including the ones we have just seen plus many others. . Good fun

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