Where to buy a plot of land

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Skyrim Hearthfire - Where to find and buy land


Exploring the boundless lands of Skyrim you have surely noticed that there are a lot of bare and uncultivated land. The new DLC Hearthfire for Skyrim puts an end to this waste and gives us the opportunity to buy these plots of land to turn them into our home. Here are the first steps to take

Where to buy a plot of land

Land can be purchased in Hjaalmarch, Falkreath Hold e The Pale. In these locations (or in any case after installing the DLC) you should meet a courier who will inform you that there is land available for purchase in one of the 3 locations mentioned. The courier may not appear right away, so please be patient. Done this

  • in Hjaalmarch you will have to talk to Aslfur or Sorli
  • in Falkreath Hold you have to talk to Nenya or Tekla
  • in The Pale you have to talk to Jarl Skald

saying that you are going to buy a house, then you will have the option to buy the land.

After purchasing the land, the location of the plot of land on which you can build your house will be updated on the map.


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