Where is the gyrocopter located in Far Cry 4?

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Guide to find the helicopter at the beginning of Far Cry 4 [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


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Where is the gyrocopter located in Far Cry 4?

If you are eager to experience this interesting new addition to the series, know that the "Buzzer" mini helicopter can be taken early in the game. Watch the video below to discover an easy easy location to find it right away.

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Here you will find the coordinates of the places where the gyrocopter appears. Except in Casa Ghale, in other locations sometimes you might not find it, in which case you can travel fast and then come back.

In the Ghale house, on the other hand, you will ALWAYS find it, provided you have bought the Buzzer object from the seller outside the house. It will cost you some rupees, but in return you will have the helicopter always available. Here are the coordinates

  • Kyrat Intl. Airport X: 278.5 Y: 596.8
  • Shanath X: 446.8 Y: 597.6
  • Casa Ghale X: 519.3 Y: 575.3
  • Varshakot X: 509.9 Y: 433.0

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