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    Where are the weapon upgrades of The Last of Us

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    The Last of Us: Weapon Upgrades Guide [Emergency Only]


    In the terrifying locations of The Last of Us, having a good weapon can mean the difference between surviving or dying. Especially in the more advanced levels and especially when you play at the higher difficulty levels, countering the assaults of the enemies will be much more difficult if you do not have the necessary tools with you (in this regard, also consult the guide to the training manuals) . So let's see how to find all weapon upgrades.

    Weapon upgrades appear as open toolboxes throughout the game. In total there are 5 upgrades to find, recovering them all will also unlock a trophy:

    For emergencies only - Fully upgrade all weapons

    Remember that to unlock the trophy it will not be enough to find the enhancement tools, but you will actually have to use them on all the weapons in the game using the work tables scattered throughout the various chapters.
    Not only that, the power-ups must be collected in the course of a normal game, that is, you cannot use the "Select Chapter" function to go back and recover something you have forgotten. If you have already fallen for it and left something behind, after finishing the first game, you can start a new game again, even in "New Game +" mode, and find the power-ups that you have not previously taken.

    Where are the weapon upgrades of The Last of Us

    Here are the places where you can find upgrades (locations are fixed)

    1) Bill's Town (cimitero)
    2) Pittsbourgh (Alone and abandoned)
    3) The suburbs (Sewers)
    4) University (Science Building)
    5) Bus depot (motorway exit)

    Below you will also find a video showing the location of all the upgrades, remember to consult the tricks and guides tab of The Last of Us for other useful guides and for the complete solution of the game.

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