Where are the umbilical cords located

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Guide to ALL pieces of Bloodborne Umbilical Cord [PS4]


Let's see how to find this very particular object.

Where are the umbilical cords located

There are 4 pieces of this item throughout the world of Bloodborne, but it only takes three to be able to find the secret boss of the game and see the corresponding third secret ending of the story. Here's where umbilical cords can be found:

  • you will get the first one after killing the boss Nurse of Mergo (follow the guide to beat the Nurse of Mergo for more help).
  • another is in the abandoned workshop (follow the guide to find the abandoned workshop if you have difficulty accessing this location), watch the video below to see exactly where it is.
  • another is located in the hidden upper rooms of the Iosefka Clinic, the place where the game begins (follow the guide to find Cainhurst Castle for more help on how to get there). Here you will find a woman at a table complaining of her nausea. Kill her to get this umbilical cord as well.
  • to also have the last umbilical cord, BEFORE finding the boss Vicar Amelia you have to talk to Arianna about the safe refuge at the Church / Cathedral (not the clinic!). Arianna is the prostitute who is behind a door in the alley that leads to the boss Vicario Amelia. Later in the game, if you go to the church to find Ariadne AFTER killing the merger nurse, Ariadne will give birth to a baby boy. Kill the baby to get the umbilical cord.

Although these are the correct instructions, some users seem to have difficulty picking up either the third or fourth piece of umbilical cord. It is not clear what the reason is, but it seems that everyone still managed to take one of the two. For this reason, since in reality you only need 3, if you can't get the third try with the fourth and vice versa.

In the following video you can see where to find the first 3 cords (as already mentioned, only three are needed to get to the secret boss).

The second part of the same video also shows the clash with the secret boss Moon Presence, the one that falls within the third "hidden" ending of the game. For more details on how to use the umbilical cord pieces to see this secret ending, follow the Bloodborne ending guide.

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