Where are all the IED explosives

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Battlefield 4 - Levolution: where all the explosives are found in Golmud Railway


Here we are at our latest guide dedicated to events Levolution which can be activated in the multiplayer mode of Battlefield 4: the turn of the map has finally come Ferrovia Golmud.

Where are all the IED explosives

As in Operation Prison and Storm in Paracel (find the Levolution guides of these and all the other maps in the tricks and guides tab of Battlefield 4) also in Golmud Railway we have an interactive element completely controlled by the CPU and others that must be activated instead by the players.

The first is the train locomotive that moves independently along the railway, while the second is represented by explosive charges scattered around the map. The locomotive has mainly a strategic function: in Conquest, based on who controls point C located right on the train, it will move towards the opposing team's respawn point.

In addition to being able to use the machine guns mounted on the moving locomotive, players will also be able to trigger a series of large explosive charges scattered across the map. Obviously it won't be easy, but if you manage to detonate the charges with any enemy nearby, you can be sure that the lucky winner will see the orange silhouette of your character from far, far away.

To detonate the explosives you can simply shoot them with any weapon, or follow the cables that start from the bombs and end up in a suitcase with a terminal. Interact with the computer to detonate the bombs.

There are 15 bombs in total, here is a video showing where exactly all of them are. Good fun

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