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    Where are all the chests

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    Fable Anniversary: ​​guide to all the Silver Caskets


    In a previous guide we saw where to find all the Silver Keys of Fable Anniversary. Today we see where are the chests that can be opened thanks to these keys.

    Where are all the chests

    The chests of Fable Anniversary are 12 in total and look like treasure chests. Each chest contains rewards that will certainly come in handy, such as weapons, potions and other items. On each chest you will notice a number imprinted indicating how many silver keys are required in order to open that particular chest.

    So follow ours guide to find all the silver keys. When you are ready, use the video below which shows where all the chests are, how many keys are required to open them and the rewards inside them. Good luck!

    Consult the fact sheet Fable Anniversary cheats for other useful guides on this game.

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