Where all the unique loot is found

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Thief: guide to unique loot [puzzle solution]


Our guide to unraveling the most precious booties of Thief.

Where all the unique loot is found

In addition to the collectibles that we have already covered in a previous guide (consult the tricks card to find them all) in Thief there are also objects of great value called unique loot. From the prologue to the penultimate chapter we find a unique loot in each level, while the last one can be found in the City in free mode.

These are usually gold chains, precious stones or other pieces of jewelry, and almost always have to solve a puzzle / riddle before gaining access to the place that holds the loot. After collecting the loot it will be placed in your shelter, so you can view all the related details in the newspaper (game menu).

Below we see what all of Thief's unique loot is, where they are and how to solve any puzzles. Good fun.

  • Prologo: The Glittering Plumage
  • Capitolo 01: Lyegroves Jeweled Mask
  • Capitolo 02: Soul of the Automaton
  • Chapter 03: Ancient Figurine
  • Chapter 04: Morendrum Medal
  • Capitolo 05: Mechanical Eye
  • Capitolo 06: The Heart of the Lion
  • Capitolo 07: City Artifact
  • La Città: The Golden Keep in Ector's Emporium

Please note: the unique loot from Chapters 1 and 2 is found inside a safe. Follow our guide to opening all safes for more details. The last unique loot can only be recovered after completing the game, playing in free mode in the City.

Here is the video showing how and where to get all the unique loot

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