What to do if the Samsung TV remote control does not work?

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If your Samsung TV remote doesn't work, this guide will give you the solution. A technically faulty remote control interrupts the peaceful experience of enjoying a program on TV. There can be several reasons why your Samsung TV remote control is not working. Either you are using defective batteries or you have inserted batteries with the wrong polarity, I don't want to think that you have something in front of the infrared receiver on the TV.

There may be a problem with the pairing not successful, but sorry if I'm repetitive, see if there is something between the remote and the TV. Although, it could be a problem with a malfunctioning IR sensor on the remote. In this guide, I am going to explain to you the various methods to understand what to do to fix Samsung TV remote not working. Let's go into details and solve this problem.

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What about can do if the Samsung TV remote does not work?

So, here is a list with the various solutions that you can try. These are all effective and tested methods to fix your faulty Samsung TV remote.

1. Are you using a faulty battery?

If you have inserted batteries that are already dead in the remote control, nothing will work. So, take those batteries that you put on the Samsung TV remote and try putting them into other gadgets or another remote and see if they work or not. If they are exhausted, they will not work. Then, replace the batteries.

2. Incorrect battery polarity

Each battery has a + and - side. So when you put them in the remote, you need to take care that the + side of the battery is aligned with the + sign inside the remote. Likewise, the - mark should line up with the - symbol on the remote. The minus sign usually goes where the spring is.

Since you're taking out the batteries, there's also another quick fix you can try. Take out the batteries and then press the power button on the remote control for a few seconds. Then reinsert the batteries and try to check if it works or not.

3. Check if the infrared sensor has any faults

If the remote control sensor of the TV has any problem, the IR signal will not reach the TV. So, to check the IR sensor, use this method.

  • Open your smartphone camera.
  • Point the remote control at the smartphone camera lens closely.
  • Check if the infrared light flashes on the camera screen

If the light is visible, the sensor is working fine. If not, you need to contact Samsung customer support to replace or repair the remote. Also, make sure nothing is blocking the remote control's IR sensor. If any object blocks the remote control signal, it will not work.

4. Try to pair the remote manually

Usually, when the Samsung TV is turned on, the remote will automatically pair with the TV. However, a glitch could interfere with pairing the remote. There are two ways to pair manually depending on the remote control used.

1st method

  • Long press the button Return.
  • Then press the button Play / Pause for 3 seconds.

2st method

  • Push the button Menu.
  • Then long press the button Return for 5 seconds

Infrared earphones

If you have any IR-enabled earbuds that you use for your Samsung TV, plug these earbuds into the dedicated jack on your television. Then remove them. Now check if the remote is working or not.

These were all the methods and useful tips to fix Samsung TV remote not working problem. Try them out and let me know if any of these methods worked or not.
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