What are the Experimental weapons and how to unlock them

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Saints Row 4: guide to unlock the best weapons


In a "crazy" game like Saints Row IV, variety in weapons is a must. In this guide we see which are the best weapons in the game, and what needs to be done to unlock the secret ones.

Let's start with Experimental weapons. If you want to "Millare" or "Platinum" this game you must necessarily find them, as the "Experimental Technology" Trophy / Objective asks to make 25 kills with these weapons.

They are certainly the most curious weapons in the game, some even very powerful.

What are the Experimental weapons and how to unlock them
  • Dubstep: For completing Keith David's "Campaign Trail of Destruction" side quest (side quest guide).
  • Inflator: To unlock this weapon, complete Pierce's "Fun Trumps All" side quest (side mission guide).
  • Rebound Shotgun: Unlocked during the "Ghost in the Machine" story mission.
  • Disintegrator: You will get it while trying to save Shaundi from the simulation.
  • Rapi-matic: Unlocked by completing the "Complete another challenge" challenge.
  • Singularity: To unlock this weapon, complete GAT's "WWGD" side quest (side mission guide).

And that's not all ...

Among the secret weapons we also have the Penetrator, an old acquaintance from the previous chapter. To unlock this weapon you simply need to find the secret cave where it is hidden. Follow the dedicated guide to find it and have fun.

Finally, you can't not take the Secret Weapon in the developer room, one of the game's many easter eggs (a short guide dedicated to the topic).

To find the "developper room" and the secret weapon "Tiny Gun" Kept inside go to the southwest area of ​​Steelport (bottom left of the map) to find the "Let's Pretend" shop. Inside the shop you will see a door with the "Employers Only" sign. Shoot any weapon at the door lock to open it (it will take several shots). Go down the stairs and you will find the secret room with the photos of the game developers and the Tiny Gun.

Here is a video showing the weapon and how to find the secret room

Finally, I know that many are wondering how to unlock the "Merica Gun", or that gigantic weapon that is seen at the very beginning of the game in a glass case (in the corridor that the president crosses before giving his speech) . Rest your soul, that weapon is an exclusive Bonus DLC for those who pre-ordered the "Commander in Chied Edition" of the game.

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