What are all of Ellie's jokes and how they are found

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In The Last of Us Ellie is a fantastic character. Wild and naive, simply small, however, she proves to know how to get by even in difficult situations, soon learning to skewer enemies properly when the situation becomes really critical. Over the course of the game, Ellie will find time to tell jokes as well.

Out of pure curiosity or to unlock the related Trophy

I do not have others - Survive all of Ellie's jokes

or for both things together, I already know that you will want to listen to them all, so here is the guide that's right for you

What are all of Ellie's jokes and how they are found

Ellie's jokes are 5 in total. Four of these are found in Chapter 5, the last one you can listen to in Chapter 6. Be careful because it is not enough to go on, but you have to take special actions to make Ellie tell the jokes. Here's what you need to do to hear all the jokes:

In the various places indicated always remember to clean the surrounding area of ​​enemies, otherwise Ellie will not tell jokes.

Chapter 5: Pittsburg

Joke # 1: After clearing the area, wait around the area where a bus crashed into the Pittsburgh military checkpoint. Ellie will pull out a book and start telling jokes. Just listen, and wait for him to put the book away.

Joke # 2: Clean up the inside of the library and wait for Ellie to start with her second joke (it can help to go up to the 2nd floor).

Joke # 3: Head back to the street with the view of the bridge in the distance. In the area, look for a poster of a model in a shop window. Ellie will comment, wait until she brings out her book.

Joke # 4: After entering the hotel you will go up a ladder. Get the artifact in this sector and open the safe downstairs. Go back up the ladder and immediately after Ellie will tell the fourth joke.

Chapter 6: The periphery

Joke # 5: This is the last joke and also the hardest one to hear. There are 4 dialogues that you will need to activate before you can hear Ellie's fifth joke:

1) When you reach the outskirts, look for the destroyed house on the right. You can see the kitchen, go inside and listen to the dialogue.
2) Now go to the other side of the street where there is a white house. Approach and look at the red "I am armed" sign.
3) Stop by the ice cream truck. Ellie will ask you a few questions.
4) Continue to follow the road until you see a red symbol on the wall, approach and wait for a new dialogue.

After these four situations Ellie will leave with the last joke. Unlocked result!

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Before saying goodbye, I also propose a video that shows what has just been explained in the guide

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