Westworld Season 3 - New Season Preview

Managing and carrying out such an ambitious project as the one that turned out to be Westworld is not at all easy: there is so much to do but even more to say and explain that sometimes, while watching the series, you wonder how it was possible to transpose into images what certainly, however complicated, would be simpler on printed paper. Well, those HBO geniuses have hit the mark again this time, catapulting the viewer out of a world that previously knew of home and that now appears so far away but at the same time close in memory: let's find out!

Big changes on the horizon ...

Westworld has been "destroyed", or at least no longer in operation, this is the legacy of the second season: Bernard is the only one in the park who knows what happened while Dolores she came out of it, not without wounds of course; the other characters - like Maeve - have crossed the threshold and we do not know what happened to them. Without going any further, we can tell you that this season the park will remain a shadow, a place that will obviously be named but which in any case will no longer represent the main location: the vastness of the project, as we said before, will bring our protagonists around the globe. , ranging between London, China and other settings that we will not reveal to you. Each has its own objectives and, as usual, it will be up to the viewer to discover the plans of each character that will appear on the screen, and almost like in a reconstruction work, we advise you to start from the details and remember that not everything is what it seems. in this particular narrative universe.

Evan Rachel Wood is truly flawless in the shoes of Dolores: it took three years to blossom but now her character is ruthless, cold and often cynical, a multifaceted role that certainly requires a lot of preparation and that our protagonist plays perfectly. The most complex role in this third season of Westworld if he wins it though Jeffrey Wright (and we wonder how he managed both that character and Commissioner Gordon that we will see in the next Matt Reeves film with Robert Pattinson); the actor is capable of changing Bernard's face and altering his voice within a very few frames, almost imperceptible micro-expressions that change everything: the perception one has is that of a man divided in two, contrasted and controversial.

Westworld, however, it is also pure technology: in this third act there will in fact be devices that we could only imagine nowadays but which are on the agenda here; self-driving helicopters in the form of giant spy drones, electric motorcycles (many of those seen are prototypes that already exist today, such as some license plates BMW) and also machines now fully controlled by advanced artificial intelligences, such as Audi e Range Rover that depopulate on the screen, to end up with futuristic firearms and complex cell phones with characteristics unthinkable for today's times but which, at least in terms of design, could even inspire the next models that we will see on the market.

These violent joys have a violent end
- Cit Robert Ford

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