WestWorld 2 × 05 - Review of "Akane No Mai"

We have finally reached the most awaited episode of the five analyzed so far and that the public was certainly waiting for. This time the review will not be broken down into points, as it is an episode to enjoy all in one breath and it flows so fast that the fundamental nodes overlap. From the first to the last scene we will in fact be catapulted into feudal Japan in the Edo period, a ShogunWorld, a merciless world masked by the peace of landscapes and hosts, in which a shogun administers and directs a seemingly orderly and precise park. Between samurai, geishas and ronin, Maeve, Hector, Lee, Armistice, Sylvester and Felix come into contact with bandits who are very reminiscent of their western counterparts. In fact, all nostalgics will certainly be surprised by a scene that will be repeated during the episode, in which the protagonists will be in a Japanese key and will remember an emblematic scene from the entire series.

Already the title "Akane No Mai", translated "Akane's Dance“, Suggests a novelty in WestWorld, as the Japanese will be the master and will accompany us until the end. Maeve also knows and speaks the oriental language, underlining the personal changes that have forged - and are still forging - the soul of the woman. We will see her wearing the role of a geisha, we will see her holding a katana and we will see her manipulating an army of samurai, but we will not notice her particularly surprised by the world around her ... as if she already knew about it, as if it were a place where she already is. been. All of this could also provide an answer to the spontaneous question that will arise when Maeve is fluent in Japanese. The mastery with which the Japanese elements were linked to the western component made this episode one of the most successful of the entire series, given that there was no lack of references, twists and bloodshed.

Also in this episode, Maeve's hidden powers will come out on multiple occasions: they mainly consist of manipulating the reality of the park and controlling the hosts at will. Speaking of which, get ready for the final scene because it deserves to watch the whole episode. Another fundamental piece of the puzzle is precisely the "Akane”Of the title, a geisha who in many respects recalls Maeve, both in terms of the context and in terms of the characterization of the character, fierce and constantly linked to a minor figure who is none other than a daughter.

Another key character will be the ronin played by the great Hiroyuki Sanada, famous for having taken part in the colossal "The Last Samurai", who will share some peculiarities with Hector. There will also be a small parenthesis for Dolores, which will find itself in Sweetwater in a thrilling scenario where the increasingly ghostly town will be the backdrop to the increasingly inhuman figure of the woman. We will also discover Teddy increasingly scared and helpless in the face of situations and the fury of Dolores.

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