WestWorld 2 × 04 - Review of "The Riddle of the Sphinx"

In this new installment of the second season of WestWorld, we realize more and more that the park created by Robert Ford it is nothing more than a great cryptic game, where the first to want to escape are the players. After the focus on the stories of Dolores and Maeve, the episode finally moves to the other two pillars of the series, namely Bernard and the Old William. Precisely in this change there are similarities to the other stories, as we could compare Maeve and her daughter's search to the desperate search for the Man in Black of the famous Door, so much so as to enlist more and more allies.

Bernard and the host prototypes

Bernard, increasingly confused, he will come into contact with hosts still under construction, devoid of emotions and conscience and who hide a secret that goes beyond all imagination. In fact, these beings take the DNA and experiences of the hosts and insert them inside the hosts, thus creating individuals with the same identities as human beings, without their consent. These primal hosts appear to be both the guardians and the workers behind the secret project Delos has been working on for years. Simply creating human-like hosts is just a small piece of the enormous mystery behind it. Probably the sphinxes to which the name of the episode refers would be precisely these hosts, which would protect the secret Delos project, and who would have killed all human scientists because they would not have been able to understand the solution to get to that point. Only Bernard's soul and intelligence could be the key to finding out.

The Man in Black returns to the scene

Il Old William the search for the Port, revealing himself tired but fierce. All his remorse linger in him, so much so that this path of his wants to push him to destroy everything he has created. This journey will lead him to be even more ruthless and villain than we used to see him, shooting anyone who deserves it without batting an eye. He will also bring with him a large group of allies ready to join his cause, including his loyal Lawrence, who will return in style. With the help of Lawrence, Grace and Craddock, the old man seems to be less and less alone.

Major Craddock and the new order

It seems that William's main ally is precisely the Major Craddock, once leader of the Confederates, now a soul seeking glory and vengeance. In fact, the character is amazed when Dolores manages to manipulate his men and make them pass under his command. This alliance, however, will have a short life, since the woman has Craddock's soldiers massacred and he himself manages to save himself thanks to the pity of Teddy, in the throes of his confusion. Therefore the confederate will find in William the perfect ally, since the latter promises to find the much desired glory. Furthermore, the two gunmen are driven by hatred for Dolores, leading them to have a common goal, as well as an enemy.

In conclusion, it seems that the search for the Door of the Man in Black, the search for the glory of Craddock and the presence of the primordial hosts, are all connected things, and that will surely open the way for us to new answers in WestWorld in the future.

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