WestWorld 2 × 03 - Review of "Virtue and Fortune"

The more you keep watching WestWorld the more you are fascinated by the games and illusions that the producers enjoy inserting into every minute of history. This third episode brings news on all fronts, from the characters and their unpredictable characters, to the new settings, beautiful to look at and useful for understanding unclear points. In fact virtue and luck are the protagonists / antagonists companions of the lives of each character, even if the discourse can be more generic and can indicate the course of events, which are the real protagonists of the series, while the virtues would be highlighted by the spiritual transformations. of individual hosts and humans. Now let's turn our gaze to the real goodies of this third episode.

The sitar opens the dance ...

Why do I mention the sitar? Because this Indian musical instrument will be the background of a new reality, in the sixth park of Delos: welcome to RajWorld! The new colonial India theme park will be the main setting for the first scenes of the episode. An apparently heavenly place, where humans relax in immense gardens, hunting for tigers and camping in the heart of the jungle. This harmony, however, will last very little, as the rebellion of the hosts has also affected this setting. Which suggests that this plague has wracked all the parks. The presence of RajWorld will also be essential to understand the origin of the tiger found dead.

The characters have changed more and more

Dolores, or better to say Wyatt, is the host. One of the emblematic characters of the series seems unstoppable, as well as taking the part of the villain, the woman seems increasingly detached from the world around her, in particular from the figure of Teddy, host who has always been close to her since the days when Dolores was a simple shepherdess and was always sweet and understanding. The cowboy is increasingly shaken and helpless in the face of events, at times he finds himself on the scene and seems visibly absent, as if he were living a reality of his own in which maybe one day he will be able to live happily with his woman, which he probably won't. will never happen. On the other hand we have Maeve, the other symbolic woman who plays a key role, since she differs from other hosts in her willpower and the fact that she has rebelled on her own, almost managing to escape into the outside world. However, she too is troubled. The search for her daughter brings out a maternal feeling in her that we used to see sporadically through flashbacks, but which this season will surely be an aspect to be taken into consideration. We will also discover that the character has powers that he will be able to exploit on multiple occasions. Another symbolic relationship is the one that unites Maeve to Felix, the surgeon who helped her plan and escape. If at first the relationship was delicate, since the man was afraid of a negative reaction from the woman, now it seems to take a more human path.

The changes are there as always and are clearer than ever, even if the scene of the episode will certainly be stolen from the new park, in my opinion spectacular and unexpected. And you, what do you think? Are you enjoying this new season?

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