We Were Here Forever: announced the new game in the series, will be released on PS5

Through an announcement trailer, Sony announced We Were Here Forever, fourth and new chapter in the series developed by Total Mayhem Games. The video shows us an adventurer intent on exploring underground caves; at the end of the trailer is shown what in all probability could be the antagonist of the game, a sort of creepy harlequin. The game will come out on Xbox One, PC e PlayStation 5. The line-up of the Sony console is thus enriched with another title, going to reinvigorate the playful offer of the console. The release of the product is expected in the course of 2021, on a date not yet specified. We just have to wait for further updates.

This time the game will transport us to the depths of the ancient citadel, after we have explored the Castle Rock in We Were Here and We Were Here Too, and the Antarctic in We Were Here Together. The title will be playable exclusively in co-op. The gameplay will be based on the collaboration between the two players, with the first engaged in the exploration and completions of puzzles, and the second deputy to help in the complete of the latter through communication via walkie-talkie. Here is the official description of the setting:

We Were Here and We Were Here Too were both set in Castle Rock, while We Were Here Together introduced The Antarctic outdoors. For We Were Here Forever you will find yourself in the depths of the ancient citadel but where will you end up? Well, you'll have to find out for yourself ...

This is the software house's most ambitious project. Developer Lucia de Visser said:

Our goal for We Were Here Forever is to further refine the co-op gameplay of the series that players have loved, designed for next-generation hardware with a more immersive and darker Castle Rock.

We just have to wait for the release of the new cooperative adventure by Total Mayhem Games.


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