WB Interactive: AT&T may sell it, including Rocksteady and NetherRealm

According to what emerged in the last hours on the web, AT&T would be looking to sell the gaming division of WB Interactive, which includes studies such as NetherRealm, Avalanche e Rocksteady. The agreement could be reached at the "modest" figure of 4 billion dollars, and of course companies of the caliber of Take-Two, EA e Activision Blizzard they showed all their interest in the acquisition.

The confirmation would come directly from a report by CNBC, the telecommunications company AT&T, which bought Warner Media in 2018, is reportedly looking to divest some of its owned businesses, including Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, in order to repay the debt accumulated in recent years, of as much as $ 200 billion. This has already piqued interest from some of the largest companies in the gaming industry, although there is currently no deal in place or imminent.

We must emphasize the fact that any company intends to acquire WB Interactive, with their respective teams of  NetherRealm, Rocksteady ed Avalanche, will also not get the intellectual property rights such as Batman, Harry Potter, Mortal Kombat o Injustice, which will continue to remain the property of Warner Bros. However, any agreements may include "a commercial license in which AT&T can continue to make profits from its IPs".

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