Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan makes his debut in the trailer released

This San Diego Comic-Con 2019, is really giving us a lot of news, including the new trailer for the television series Watchmen. In the new trailer released during the big event, HBO shows what awaits us and presents us for the first time with the Dr. Manhattan.

This ambitious project by HBO it is expected to be released next October. From what we can see in the trailer that as always we have posted at the head of the article, the world experiences an apparent peace, also because evil is always ready to upset things. In fact, among the various scenes of the trailer we can witness attacks and moments of pure violence.

This interesting television series has been described as a "remix" of the story we all know, it will be set in an alternate version of the movie universe, where superheroes are banned and considered criminals.

The protagonists of Watchmen they will be Jeremy Irons, Regina King, Don Jhnson, Tim Blake Nelson and Louis Gossett Jr .. Damon Lindelof appears as the creator, screenwriter, showrunner and executive producer of the TV series along with Tom Spezialy, Stephen Williams, and Joseph Iberti.

For the moment that's all we know about this television series Watchmen, we remind you to stay connected if you want to know all the details that will soon be revealed. Good vision.

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