Watch Dogs Legion will not include early access in its special editions

After recently announcing its release date, Ubisoft confirmed that Watch Dogs Legion will no longer include three days of early access in its special editions. The company has in fact removed this possibility in favor of additional in-game content, in order to further improve the player experience. Ubisoft's press release follows:

Since the announcement of Watch Dogs Legion last year we have been working to refine the content of the game's premium editions with additions and adjustments to improve the player experience.

The Season Pass has been enhanced to offer players additional story-based content while remaining premium characters and cosmetics from the original pass. Additionally, all editions of the game will be released simultaneously on October 29, 2020. Thus, "3-day early access" has been removed from Watch Dogs Legion's Gold, Ultimate and Collector's editions.

The Gold, Ultimate and Collector's editions of the title for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia will therefore be available on the same day as the standard version, or next 29 October. For the uninitiated, the Season Pass contained in all special editions will give access to two story expansions, four characters, three DedSec missions and a DedSec car skin. Below is a tweet showing the press release:

Ubisoft no longer doing 3 day early access on its games.

- Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) July 13, 2020

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