Watch Dogs Legion: Ubisoft's triple A has been leaked

One of the most anticipated video games by gamers is probably the Watch Dogs Legion by Ubisoft, thanks above all to the permadeath system that allows you to impersonate each NPC of the product. As indeed Clint Hocking declared nearly a year ago during an interview with our Gamingbolt colleagues to explain, in more detail, the operation of the particular mechanics implemented:

Permadeath is always a somewhat special option for the player. When the health of your digital alter ego reaches zero it means that you are in a critical situation. At this point, the player will be offered the opportunity to surrender and be taken to prison, or they can opt to flee, thus risking permadeath.

Since all the missions, dialogues and cutscenes have been made to introduce every possible character, the loss of one of them will still allow the rest of your team to pick up where they left off. This way the main storyline will continue smoothly. Each character will have their own story, including when it comes to recruiting in DeadSec, and all will work collectively to stop the re-emergence of the authoritarian regime that is trying to take over the city.

For this it is possible that the French publisher intends to give him a leading role at the Ubisoft Forward, and it seems that the leak which has undergone in the last few hours confirms this hypothesis of the players. In fact, due to some images found on a site of the sector, we can give a new effective look at the work developed by the guys from Ubisoft Toronto. In the underlying leak we can therefore observe not only the game menu where you can select one of the different playable characters, but even some settings never shown during the official presentations currently made. Unfortunately the leak stops at this, not showing any videos of actual gameplay as was the case for Assassin's Creed Valhalla. In any case, waiting to find out more official information on Watch Dogs Legion, we remind you that Ubisoft has stated that give Watch Dogs 2 to those who decide to attend theUbisoft Forward this Sunday.

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