Watch Dogs: Legion, some hackers have stolen source code

In the past few hours a group of hacker and ransomware known as Egregor would get the source code of Watch Dogs: Legion, just two weeks from the release date, along with a litany of developer and publisher files Crytek. The team has created a ransomware program of the same name which appears to be based on another popular program, Sekhmet. Ransomware, for those who don't know, is a type of malware that steals or encrypts a victim's data and will not return or decrypt it unless the victim pays or plays PUBG in a strange instance since 2018. The added threat is often that this stolen data will be disclosed to the public if the requests do not they will be satisfied, which is what Egregor is apparently doing with Watch Dogs: Legion's Ubisoft. Ironically, we can say that the saga dedicated to the world of hackers has been hacked today, even if for the moment the group has not yet provided enough information to be sure that the source code has really been hacked.

The hackers claim they have the source code for Watch Dogs: Legion. Source code is the code for a game in human readable language, which is compiled into machine code and can then be sold to consumers. Leaking the source code of a game would be like releasing the prescription to bake bread instead of releasing the whole loaf. The source code is typically confidential, and the Watch Dogs: Legions code leaked by Egregor could lead other games to copy Watch Dogs or allow for a hack and a modding more thorough than is normally possible.

A recent example of leaked source code is the huge amount of data downloaded from the private servers of Nintendo this year, which included the source code for Nintendo Wii. Obviously, the era of the much-loved Wii has passed, so fortunately for Nintendo this is no longer a threat as, for example, the disclosure of the Switch source code might represent. Source code leak or not, Watch Dogs: Legion will be released later this month with support for Ray-Tracing on next-gen consoles and select PC builds that have just been revealed by the Canadian company. We also want to remember that the title in question will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, Google Stadia e Xbox One starting from the next 29 October, with versions PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series S / X arriving by the end of the year. Beyond that, did you know that the title in question will be playable offline and will support the cross-play?

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