Watch Dogs: Legion, shown a new trailer and a welcome return

During the event Ubisoft Forward that is being held at the moment has also found space for the next one Watch Dogs: Legion through a beautiful presentation that took place with Stormzy, famous British rapper, who will take part in the title as a game character who will play himself.

During the video, various archetypes of characters present in the work were shown: Teresa Hall, Dan McCleary and many others, all with their own characteristics and specialized weapons according to their "class". In addition, we focused in particular on what is the character recruitment system. In addition to the main game, the first additional content was also shown that will arrive through the Season Pass and which will bring the beloved character from the first chapter into the project Aiden Pearce, now aged but not wiser for this. A real stand-alone chapter will be created that will contain unpublished narrative content that revolves around the old protagonist.

Set in London, the new episode of the saga will mainly deal with themes that revolve around the resistance. A group of hackers will in fact fight the system trying to sabotage any type of cyber attack. The release of Watch Dogs: Legion we remind you will happen on the day October 29 2020 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Google Stadia. At the top of the article you can find the video presentation of the game while below the video containing the additional content with Aiden Pearce.

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Watch Dogs Legion will not include early access in its special editions ❯
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