Watch Dogs Legion: release date of the version for Xbox Series X and S

Watch Dogs Legion is one of the apparently interested titles of the upcoming line up, given that this third installment of the franchise allows some rather interesting news in terms of gameplay. Coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 29, 2020, this product set inside a Dystopian London e fully explorable finally has one exit date also for versions Xbox Series X and Series S.

The announcement was made through the official twitter of the company, which also confirms that those who purchase the current gen editions of Watch Dogs Legion can make a free update for the next gen edition of the product in question. Obviously, if you have the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One edition you can only update it on the respective subsequent generations.

Organize a resistance with virtually every character you meet, hacking, infiltrating and struggling in a near-future London struggling with its decline.
Welcome to the Resistance.
Recruit and play as whoever you want in town. Each has a unique story, personality and ability.
Hack armed drones, use spiderbots and take down enemies with the Augmented Reality Cloak.
Explore a vast urban world, with iconic London landmarks and lots of fun side activities.
Take your recruits online and team up with friends to complete missions and tackle particularly challenging endgame content.

Unfortunately, one release date for lPlayStation 5 edition by Watch Dogs Legion has not yet been communicated. However, we hope that it will not be long to find out, so as to allow Sony fifth generation players to try this experience either single player that, in the various missions and specific methods, multiplayer. While waiting for the day of truth to arrive, we remind you that it is possible to get the PC version for free by purchasing an Nvidia GeoForce RTX 3000. Furthermore, it is likely that we will discover some other details about it during the second episode of the Ubisoft Forward scheduled for 10 September 2020.

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