Watch Dogs Legion, post-launch content revealed with new online modes and Season Pass

today Ubisoft dedicated the day to many announcements dedicated to Watch Dogs Legion, the next chapter in the open world series set in London due out this October. Among the many innovations, which we have also covered in our large preview, the French development house has unveiled what it has planned for this game, including new online mode, new playable characters, downloadable content that will be released over the next year and a Season Pass to make sure you get each DLC as soon as it is released.

First Ubisoft showed the new mode Open-World online, which will be released next December and will allow up to four players to play exploring the entire map of London, with co-op missions, Tactical Ops missions, Invasions and Player vs Player competitions. As for the single player mode, they will be released new missions and New Game Plus with free updates following the game's launch. As for the downloadable content, which can be purchased in bulk thanks to the Season Pass, they will be added as playable characters Aiden Pearce, protagonist of the first chapter of the series, e Wrench, directly from Watch Dogs 2. In addition, two new unreleased characters were presented, which will also be present in the season pass: Mine, a mentalist who possesses the ability to control people's psyche, e Darcey, a member of the brotherhood of assassins who represents the first proper crossover between Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed.

This "Year One”Of Watch Dogs Legion promises to be full of additional quality content that will surely extend the longevity of the title by a lot, even if at the moment neither prices nor release dates have been revealed. The new chapter in Ubisoft's hacker series is on its way the next 29 October to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC e Google Stadia, while the version for Xbox Series X the 10st November and that for PlayStation 5 on November 24.

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