Watch Dogs Legion: our video review of the game is available

Watch Dogs Legion is getting closer and closer to its release and, as usual, the different newspapers have published their impressions of this awaited title. Obviously we too of Resources4Gaming we are not far behind and, in fact, we have published one our written review of the Ubisoft game to the following link. Furthermore, to honor one of the most anticipated video games of this 2020, we have even made the Videorecensione which you can find in the following article.

For those unfamiliar with it, Watch Dogs Legion is the new Open World Triple A of the famous French publlisher, namely Ubisoft, exit at PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Stadia and Amazon Luna October 29, 2020. The work is obviously arriving even on next gen of Sony and Microsoft, in their respective release dates, proving to be a cross-gen product like the now historic first episode of the franchise. Unlike previous products, however, this chapter looks like one real revolution, at least as far as the brand in question is concerned. In fact, as we described in the review:

Abandoning the idea of ​​presenting any predefined character, in this new chapter of the series (which loses the numbering as has already happened to the Assassin's Creed franchise) the player will be able to control any citizen of London, complete with character skills, movement styles, combat and even different dialogues. The plot also takes on a slightly different connotation, structuring itself under multiple aspects, as if to leave the player free to action.

Our editorial team managed to test the Xbox One edition of the product, thus demonstrating the capabilities of Ubisoft's work on current generation platforms. Waiting for you readers to have the opportunity to touch this third chapter of the brand, we remind you that recently Ubisoft presented the post-launch content planned for Watch Dogs Legion and that the guys from TvBoy they created a work which pays homage to this product.

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