Watch Dogs Legion: new leaks arrive on the map and Season Pass

After the postponement of Watch Dogs Legion, the game was not particularly covered by Ubisoft, which has provided very few further details on the work, of which you can find information on our test at the following link. This is a game already designed for the next generation, which will probably be offered with a launch window closely linked to that of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. However, information has recently appeared on the net, as the user Twitter Idle Sloth has published several leaks, which you can find in the following post.

  • The crossover with Rainbow Six Siege e The Division 2 will come along with the one with steep, already confirmed.
  • Il Season Pass will get more content with more missions and episodes, Wrench will be part of it
  • Watch Dogs: Legion will have exclusive content for the online section
  • The map has been expanded compared to what was shown at E3 2019 and at Gamescom 2019, especially for the part to the east with the addition of Canary Wharf and the headquarters of Nudle &! NViTE
  • 5 bare-knuckles locations have been added, along with more than 4 soccer fields
  • The subway was implemented and you can use it or take advantage of fast travel
  • Will return a skill tree permanent and unique for each of the 3 classes
  • Further official news will be communicated toUbisoft event on June 8th
  • 5 different storylines are confirmed: Deep State, Light's Out, Artificial overtake, The Collective, The Lost Dedsec

Certainly some interesting news, which could soon receive official feedback from the developer, we hope to find out more as soon as possible!

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Watch Dogs Legion: release date of the version for Xbox Series X and S ❯
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