Watch Dogs: Legion, new gameplay presented at Gamescom

La Gamescom does not cease to surprise us, a gameplay has recently debuted (which you can find at the bottom of the article) that shows a recruiting mission on the new chapter of the series Watch Dogs, Entitled Watch Dogs: Legion. Among the many publishers who intervened during the live streaming, Ubisoft he wanted to show us a new game session of the total duration about 5 minutes. The release of Watch Dogs: Legion is set for 29 October to Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4 e Google Stadia. In the future it will be possible to purchase the version for both PlayStation 5 that for Xbox Series X. The gameplay is commented by the Game Director, Kent Hudson, who wanted to show us an entire mission, explaining and illustrating the possible ways to use to approach the action and put our skills into play. Also in this chapter it will be possible to control any character you meet wandering the streets of London. Any NPC then it can become 100% controllable.

Analyzing the video in detail, we can see that, as has already been described before, the ability to play any character returns to be a key element in terms of game mechanics. The NPC in question is therefore a beekeeper, Sherry Lewis, which does not look favorably on the same company for which he works. The girl asks us to retrieve some mysterious files (it will be discovered shortly after that they will turn out to be a lifetime's work for the beekeeper) on her own, from the moment her boss decided to steal her research in order sell to the military. As a promise given in exchange for the job, the same said that it would join the Resistance; thus analyzing the character, from a playful point of view, he is equipped with a discharge-proof suit, capable of shooting swarms of bees at enemies.

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