Watch Dogs: How to complete the drinking game: Social glue

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Tips for Winning Watch Dogs Drinking Game [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


This is a pretty infamous game, some swear that by really getting drunk you can compensate for the ailments simulated by the game. Have you tried it?

How to complete the drinking game: Social glue

This could easily turn out to be the hardest outcome in the game, and possibly the longest as well. There are 3 places to complete the game, in Pawnee, The Loop and The Ward (marked with a bottle icon on the map).

Each game consists of 10 levels, each level of 5/6 rounds. Although there are small variations, the game is the same in all 3 tables, the goal is to not pass by managing to complete the mini-games that require skill with the pad and hand-eye coordination.

Unfortunately there are no tricks here (like the one we've seen for the bowl game) and it's all based on your skill. The only advice we can give:

  • leave the game to Pawnee for last because it is a combination of the other two. So do these first to practice
  • at the end of each level you will be forced to leave with a request to come back later. Stay close to the table and wait about 30 seconds, after the hangover you can immediately go to the next level
  • the only real great help could come from another person who can play with you. Since you have to control the two sticks of the pad with different movements, things would become easier playing with two, each taking care of only one stick of the pad.

I close by leaving you this video that shows how to unlock the result, but, for obvious reasons, the help will be relative.

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