Warner Bros: revealed the release dates of Flash 2 and Shazam! 2

After postponing the theatrical release of The Batman, the Warner Bros has also decided to change the dates of two new cinecomics: T e Shazam! 2nd. As for The Flash, the company has unusually decided to anticipate its release. So instead of the July 1 2022 we will see it on the big screen on 3 2022 June. Shazam! 2, on the contrary, has been postponed for a few months and will arrive in cinemas on November 4 2022 instead of the April 1 2022.

Just about T, the Fandom Wire site released an exclusive a few days ago. Various information regarding the film was revealed, including the likely presence of the two DC superheroes Aquaman (interpreted by Jason Momoa) is Wonder Woman (interpreted by Gal Gadot). The cinecomic will be taken from Flashpoint and will take its cue from the original story, creating a timeline within the DC Universe. Among the various protagonists could therefore also arrive Batman, interpreted by Robert Pattinson. Among other statements, it would be revealed that the Warner Bros is ready to proceed with production, even without the protagonist Ezra Miller, recently investigated for assaulting a fan.

As for the filming of Shazam! 2nd, director David F Sandberg said filming should begin this year, but could be delayed due to the emergency Covid-19.

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