Warner Bros: Recently registered domains would be dedicated to testing

The rumors regarding the two new alleged projects of Warner Bros they are by no means few and, in the past few hours, another very interesting one has arrived. The new rumor, landed on the web thanks to an insider on Twitter, would confirm that the recent domains registered by the division of Warner Bros Games they would be very simply for testing purposes: it is common for the company to maintain a prolonged secrecy on its productions in order to devote itself to the various testing phases.

Now the leaks related to a new game of Suicide Squad, as well as a new alleged game of Gotham Knights, are more and more and the recordings made last 16nd June of the two relative domains suggested that the announcement of these two works would take place in the somewhat near future. These two possible video games, following the rumors, would both be branded Rocksteady, a British study particularly known for shedding light on the main three chapters of the saga of Batman: Arkham.

As per the ritual, we invite all our readers to take that information with a grain of salt, Since nothing has been confirmed by those in charge. Did you know the famous cartoonist Dennis O'Neil is dead? The man, born on May 3, 1939, had given birth to the dark Knight of Gotham City.


I asked my source and he confirmed the domains are some test by @wbgames is carrying out for the launch of the next projects: he was not clear which of these will be related to games or movies or tv series. Of course, the game suffix in domain name is a proof.

- Roberto Serrano '(@ geronimo_73) June 21, 2020

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