Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment: is the acquisition on the horizon?

For some time now, the sector has been talking about the current situation in which it is concerned Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. There have been many items and leaks about its financial situation, and what it will be condizioni general market. THE big names, then, they did not delay their arrival, leading many fans and professionals to speculate and reflect on what will happen. Based on what was recently reported by The Information website, it would seem that Take-Two Interactive, Microsoft products, Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts have focused their eyes on Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, carefully studying the situation, for a possible subsequent acquisition.

The Information, however, did not limit itself to assuming what was said, also introducing the possibility that Warner Bros. AT&T is in the process of weighing the overall financial situation, with the ultimate goal of paying off a debt of 154 billion dollars. In relation to all this, the investment bank would come into play LionTree, as a means of help for all those interested in the deal.

For now it doesn't exist yet no agreement written against what is reported, much less Comments from what would be the interested parties. However, the fact remains that the acquisition of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment it could turn out to be a very clever market maneuver, precisely because of all the licenses related to Warner itself - Mortal Kombat, Harry Potter, LEGO, Game of Thrones and Batman to name a few - which could easily become a matter of negotiation and perennial income through royalties.

Unfortunately, the situation is still shrouded in mystery, given that the real intentions of AT&T have not yet been confirmed, and with them not even all the voices around the aforementioned high-sounding names. So we just have to wait for new and unofficial developments, steps forward in a matter that has yet to be able to take shape.

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