Warner Bros: canceled two titles focused on Superman

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The publisher Warner Bros, which owns important software houses such as Rocksteady Studios, has recently made headlines. In fact, it seems that there were two titles related to the world of Superman, who saw the iconic superhero as the protagonist of the entire experiences. Unfortunately, although one of these was even in development since 2013, these works will never see the light, as their cancellation seems to be definitive.

WB has been actively trying to develop an open world Superman game since ~ 2013. A thread… pic.twitter.com/UMYHDGamiL

- James Sigfield (@ Jsig212James) November 10, 2019

According to the news it seems that one of these games published by Warner Bros it was configured as an open world title with characteristics similar to Marvel's Spiderman, while the other had instead of the less extensive and explorable maps.

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