Warlord of Draenor - Best Expansion Ever?


Ok, I already know what you are going to say: “But Sogeking, you are crazy !!!! Vanilla is the best !!! No The Burning Crusade !!!! NOOOOO Wrath of the Lich King !!!!!!!! ". What I want to try to convey in this article is about my vision of Warlord of Draenor: after several months of its release, not wanting to affirm how the previous expansions are unthinkable, and after years of life sucked, chewed and spat out by dear mother Blizzard, I have come to the conclusion that this is the best all-round expansion ever and I am here to give you the motivations that lead me to think that.

The main motivation that then branches out into all the remaining ones is accessibility: World of Warcraft has always been divided into PvP and PvE:

  • the part PvP, in addition to some small variations and / or additions (see the introduction of the PvP resilence formula in The Burning Crusade or the implementation of the Arena mode in the same expansion) has remained, as it should be, always with the same formula;
  • il PvE instead, which is what we will analyze, it is the focal point. This importance is given by the continuous new content, the evolution of the story, its world content and the continuous raids that are implemented to give us new challenges and compose all the historical pieces of each expansions. These contents give importance to the game not just, the same importance that made WoW an MMO still valid, a game that lives where all the others of the same genre are disappearing into oblivion.

[section label = ”Details”] Let's go back to the term used at the beginning, “Accessibility”: what do I mean by that? I mean that now the game, thanks to its difficulty levels in both PvP and PvE modes, is able to satisfy all kinds of players; I'll explain better.

WoW players have always been divided into Casual player, or those who play for fun without giving too much weight to a Progress PvP or PvE; they want to play for fun, without too many thoughts on their heads.

Then there are the “higher” level players, who accept the challenges given by the game in both modes and try to outclass the other guilds and other teams in the race for the highest ranking. The problem is that after a rather short period (4 or 5 months) the casual player, once his little things are finished, having nothing more to do, ends up closing the bridges with the expansion. This problem was caused by content with a short lifespan and the inability to raid and continue quietly. Many guilds have been created with this noble purpose, but a Raid made by people playing in “easy” mode before this expansion didn't have too much of a chance. In Mists of Pandaria, Blizzard had laid the foundations for 2 formulas that, in Warlords of Draenor, will become a boon for both types of players: the "Looking for raid" and mythical vegetable garden.

[section label = ”Looking for Raid”] The Looking for Raid has changed the way to play PvE mode, creating a mode accessible to all where even casual players can test themselves with bosses (naturally weaker); these are not implemented all together as in raids, but in small groups every time, in order to give the possibility to equip and be ready for the next challenges. This mode is the bridge that connects the casual player to the real raider: by getting involved in an easy mode, they can learn the basics and increase their skills, and then choose to become raiders or stay "Enjoyers of life".

[section label = ”Garrison”] The second point that keeps us glued is there Garrison or the Garrison: the Pandaria garden experiment with its internal mini-reputations gave good ideas for the creation of a real base that can be characterized according to our work or simply to our taste, implemented by the possibility of enlisting followers who can be sent on missions, even with reputations and challenges in the Dungeons (guys let's face it, who wouldn't want Leeroy Jenkins as a follower?).

The presence of elements such as mines and personal botanical gardens help us in the gathering of objects and in farming for the creation of objects, armor, toys, mascots, weapons and so on and so forth. In short, the Garrison is our base where we spend a good part of our time right now during the dead moments of WoW.

[section label = "Raiders"]The Raiders instead they are faced with 4 game modes:

  • the Looking for Raid, where you go together with other random people to attack a specific wing of the raid in 'Easy ”mode;
  • Normal and Hard Mode, the so-called flexible modes, where bosses have specific and mirror-like abilities in both modes. The flexible term is given by the fact that the Raid can be composed of a minimum of 10 people up to 30, and the increase of people increases the life and damage of the boss and monsters.
  • Then we have the Challenger mode, or the Mythic, where the bosses will have life and give increased compared to the Hard version. The difference? It is not flexible, the raid is 20 people and the Bosses have new skills and mechanics that will make them a real challenge.

“But Sogeking, for those who want to do PvP then everything has remained the same?!?!?! BORIIIIIIING !!!! " Well dear know-it-alls of my lower abdomen, it is not so! The new Open Zone, Ashran, is ready for you.

It is not only equipped with the typical “conquer the base” battle as in the areas of past expansions, but it is equipped with quests and mini-events that will lead you to face new challenges during the battle!
Here too I see these contents that wink at casual player. Content that, as in Looking for Raid, want to try to bring the aforementioned players closer to PvP mode.

[section label = "Conclusion"] Blizzard has finally created an accessible gaming formula with this expansion, which is why I consider Warlords of Draenor the best expansion ever. and I don't want to hear: "But this expansion isn't over yet, how can you judge?"

If a WoW player asks this question, it means he's a bit of a "bitch". He probably forgets that WoW at the base of everything has a formula rooted over the years that has always been the same: 3 seasons in which the PvP and PvE modes are seen to grow by number, until the release of a new expansion where the cycle begins again.

Well, having said that, thank you for coming to read this far and since I'm curious to know what your opinion is about it, I invite you to leave a comment below.


Greetings from Sogeking

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