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Forget the Stormcast, finally Warhammer Underworlds has real heroes. Crossing Ghur in search of adventures you will meet the The Grymwatch. These daring warriors are here to slay monsters and honor their king. But who are the Grymwatch?

This group of characters presents itself as a band of brave and chivalrous heroes, but in reality it is a pack of cannibal assassins. They come from the devastated and ruined realms north of Beastgrave, i Grymwatch they have embarked on a savage quest to kill a beast that inhabits the living mountain - or so they believe. Although their intentions may be apparently pure, they are still as hungry for meat as the rest of their relatives belonging to the race of the Flesh-Eater Court.

The characters

Fast, brutal in close combat and able to bring fighters back to the battlefield with her ability featured in the character card, Duke Crakmarrow is a great leader for the Grymwatch and it should be at the heart of any strategy. When exalted, the speed, huge amount of damage dealt, and access to Cleave pay off Crakmarrow ideal for finishing off wounded enemies. Before he's exalted, you'll need to play him cautiously, as losing him will seriously compromise your warband's abilities.
The “Ghoul Call” and “Muster” abilities of Duke are the secret weapons of the gods The Grymwatch, which allow them to turn dead fighters into advantages. In practice, the “Ghoul Call” ability allows Crypt Ghouls to reappear from the edge of the field - just be careful when placing the scatter marker! "Muster" means each action phase begins with a free "Ghoul Call" action, so you don't have to worry about sacrificing precious activations to bring them back or having an enemy kill your Crypt Ghouls, because it could end up surrounded ...

Gristlewel is a simple and wildly effective fighter, using speed and deadly attack action to inflict devastating damage on enemies. We recommend that you take advantage of the movement of Gristlewel to keep him away from enemies or chase and kill anyone you can knock out of the game with a single shot.

Il Master Talon he's not a particularly lethal fighter but he has both keywords Crypt Ghoul and Hunter, which entitle it to some nifty enhancements. When exalted, the Master Talon It also has a deadly mechanic in which its Wounds characteristic grows when adjacent enemy fighters are knocked out, meaning that with accurate positioning, it can really become very resilient.

Night Herald is a fighter that you will mainly want to use to support your other fighters, taking full advantage of his special ability as an exalted and penalizing the characteristic Dice of the attacking actions of enemy combatants.

Il Royal Butcher will be the ideal warrior of the gods Grymwatch to reduce defensive dodging enemies with very low Wound characteristics. Equipped with Obstruct and 4 sword dice in attack when exalted, it is ideal for dealing the last little damage.

Valreek she is a solid fighter with decent attacking characteristics while her key word Hunter makes it suitable for a variety of powerful upgrades, including an incredible option that we'll cover below. The key word is missing Crypt Ghoul, which means you won't be able to resurrect her with Duke Crakmarrow, so play it with caution.

Finally, we have the leader's bats. We recommend using this miniature's exaggeratedly high movement to negate key enemies' targets or intervene to provide support for your team's fighters.

The Tactics

I Grymwatch are a warband capable of controlling the territory, using the superior speed, the number of members and the ability, Ghoul Call, to Duke Crakmarrow to get a numerical and positional advantage while playing. Making the most of your exalted condition is absolutely essential when playing i Grymwatch: you'll have to fight tooth and nail to keep enemy fighters out of your territory in the first action phase. However, this state of exaltation isn't just a challenge for you - your enemy will have to enter your territory and risk being encircled by ghouls if they want to slow you down. Even then, you have a lot of tricks up your sleeve.

Key Gambits
As you may have noticed, the Grymwatch has a particular exaltation condition: that's why you'll want to have the card "Horriifying Spectacle"In your decks. This cunning move can exalt multiple fighters at the same time. With a powerful push like "Pack, Advance!", You will be able to quickly surround enemies, while"Scrabbling ClawsCan really surprise all enemies who rely on key upgrades.

Key Upgrades
Many cards this season interact with the keyword Quarry, namely Prey, but what if your enemy has none? Simple: just equip Valreek with "Hunter's nose”And suddenly every enemy has the key word Quarry, opening up to all sorts of deadly synergies! Another impacting improvement on your characters is “Impervious Delusion”, Which makes your fighters much less likely to be killed in one hit, so it's a great choice against elite warbands. Finally, "Seized WeaponIs a power-up that behaves much like a ploy, providing direct damage to the opponent when they try to attack you.Key Objectifs
I The Grymwatch they are what is known in the community of Warhammer Underworlds as a "flexible" warband, which means they work well for both aggressive and objective-based play. For example, "Bravely Done!" is an instant objective that rewards you for grouping enemies while "In The Name of the King" gives you glory when you scatter and keep goals. We recommend using tricks that allow you to push fighters both to achieve the best objectives and to attack enemies - and to trigger "Pervasive Delusion", another excellent immediate target.
If you're looking for a warband that can swarm (and kill) even the toughest enemies while controlling targets, you'll love the The Grymwatch - pre-order your gang this weekend.

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