Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire: let's analyze the Spiteclaw Swarm

The new piece of this column belongs to the Spiteclaw's swarm, sixth faction introduced in the universe of Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire. - Skaven we all know them, but for the uninitiated they are evil and twisted rat men slaves of Chaos. An endless plague that haunts, as in the mortal realms, even every corner of the Reflected City.

If you Skaven they are a race to expect everything from, its leader Skritch it is the very embodiment of danger. Mobile on the field, incisive in battle and with a simply devastating ability (for the price of one action he can resurrect his defeated models), he is the perfect figure to lead this gang through the alleys Shadespire. A Swiss knife suitable for any situation!

To pay homage to another cornerstone of this first cycle of Warhammer Underworlds, today is the turn of our talented Mirko Bonazza!

  • Why play Skaven?

If you like a control-oriented style of play, Skaven are the right breed for this! Furniture, numerous, come back to life, are they enough for you as answers?

  • The strongest card for Skaven?

“Ready reflexes”, for a team that aims to defend itself and moves 5 is a very strong card.

  • The goal that can not miss with the Skaven?

By choosing the control approach, in reality the objectives of our interest are different. If you think about it, even the 5 single goals!

  • Which plank to choose with undead?

To date I have been happy choosing the board with 3 “blocked” hexagons joined together. They allow you to create an interesting block within the map and get around it well by pursuing the control strategy.

  • The gang you would like to face with the Skaven?

Surely the Skeletons, too slow!

  • The gang you don't want to face with the Skaven?

I've always been afraid of the Farstriders. They have many lives and defend well, are mobile and attack at range3. Thinking about it, they have a potential threat range exactly identical to ours, very dangerous!

  • In one line, the strategy to use with the Skaven?

Defense and control, given the leader's ability to recall even on the opponent's side, stealing his goals is not complicated at all

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