Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire - Discovering Deckbuilding

In games with a strong card component, the composition of your deck becomes fundamental. Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire, Imperial Assault, Aristeia! these are just examples of games in which a good band must also be accompanied by a deck of skill cards worthy of the name. For this reason, today we offer you some tips for a good deck building.

The advantages in building your own deck are many. Starting with the satisfaction of achieving results with something of your own, you will get a better overview and an understanding of our strategy and how to lead the game. And it will be our mistakes that will give us more advice!

In Shadespire for example, the fun of building the deck is double, having to build one for the Objective cards and one for the Power cards, both of which are necessary for victory!

Let's find out how to assemble a deck

The minimum of cards is his maximum!

The first rule you should never go against is to exceed the minimum card limit. In Shadespire for example, power decks must be built with a minimum of 20 cards, which also coincides with its maximum! Unfortunately it is a purely statistical matter, to increase the probability that the cards will arrive in our hand, it will be necessary that in deck there are only those cards. We will therefore have to cut out everything that is not needed by arriving at the precise number required. Bizarre choices aren't uncommon, but they are more exceptions and player styles than real necessities.


The synergies between the cards are what defines the heart of our strategy, and this aspect must never be overestimated! If you want to chase a specific combo, it will be better to try to strengthen its presence by putting more cards to draw it or of similar effect, rather than not putting many and all different ones. If, on the other hand, you want to try to get a general strengthening of your army / band, you will also need to ask yourself how to do it. Not always, "I put everything that is strong" will lead to the desired result!

Condition of Victory

When we create a game deck how many times do we ask ourselves the question "How are we going to win?". Unfortunately it's not as obvious as it sounds. An aggro deck could aim to make a lot of glories in the early turns in order to contain the opponent in the third turn, a control deck aims to impose its style on the opponent and then go on to win the game in the last turn; finally a Midrange combines these two philosophies trying to fulfill both game opportunities.

Inevitably, we return to the theme of synergy: let's forget any plan B, it distracts us from plan A!

Test and modify

Testing is the most important part of any deckbuilding, and this is the moment when we really understand its qualities. Every time we play a new deck, we try to take notes on the wins and losses, with the latter giving us the best advice.

Whatever the reason, let's try to figure out which scenario we will find ourselves in most often and make the right changes. We always keep in mind our win condition and make changes that support it, without ever forgetting that sometimes an idea may seem excellent on paper and then turn out to be very bad in reality!

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Discovering the goal!

Counter the metagame

Adding or removing a card can make a big difference in our winrate if we can understand the current metagame. Strong in this case we will want to adapt our deck, based on how the other decks that we will face work.

Share our deck with others

It is very important and helpful to share our deck in such a way that other players can express their opinions about it. There is a reason, in fact, that Pro Players practice and build decks as a team. It is in fact always useful to have an opinion on our deck from an external critical look. Maybe other people will be able to notice something obvious that we missed or they will be able to find a way to beat the deck that will give us more difficulty when faced. We always share our deck and accept input from other players: they may be right or wrong, but it will always be useful to have a second opinion to push the development of our project as much as possible.

How many times in these contexts have you found yourself saying: "... What if I created my own deck?" then finding himself at the classic: “Naah! If I really want to play it, it is better to follow the list of some champions (Pro Player) already tested and sure to trust ”.

Netdecking and copying

Unfortunately, you end up using the so-called "netdecking" (search for online decks) inevitably ending up leaving the construction of your own deck only to a few cases or to the "for fun" context. There is really nothing wrong with resorting to a list already tested by others in a "professional" way, but in these types of game you can often find strong satisfaction also thanks to the ability to feel like protagonists in the construction phase of your deck.

Copying successful decks is absolutely a good thing. Decks that are in the top tier (the best performing in the current meta) are successful for a reason: they have been tested by many people and have been proven to work in the current metagame.

The important thing when copying a list is to pay attention to the suggestions that the author of the list gives us and that the strength of the deck does not always lie in the cards, but in the way in which they are played. We always try to learn why and how the deck works.

Once we learn how to modify and improve decks based on other people's ideas, we will be more comfortable building our own deck.

Final conclusions

The first attempt is always the most difficult. Deckbuilding, like everything, requires a lot of experience and only by making mistakes and trying will we discover new ways. But do not be afraid to fail, we know that failure simply coincides with having found what is wrong and more times it will repeat itself, more times we will have to learn.

In the hope that this guide has been useful to you, we look forward to receiving your opinions and questions about it.

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