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Initiatives from major gaming houses continue to help players get through this quarantine period. Even the famous Nottingham house, the Games Workshop announces the free opening of its channel Twitch.tv/Warhammer releasing hundreds of hours of content for their players and customers around the world, inviting them to endure this tough time by embracing their passion for the hobby that distinguishes their gaming systems.

We report the words of the company:

“There are a lot of hobbyists around the world who are stuck indoors right now - and we thought you might like to watch some Warhammer. So, we've unlocked our entire Warhammer Live back catalog on Twitch for anyone to view for free."

Which translated:

“There are tons of hobbyists around the world who are stuck in their homes right now, and we thought you might be watching Warhammer content. For this reason, we have unlocked our entire collection of live shows on Twitch for you to show them to you for free. "

La Games Workshop invites its followers to stay safe, armed with all the tools to pursue their hobby in peace.

New initiatives every evening

A new format called "Hang Out and Hobby”Will be aired every night inviting the entire international community to join and attend the live shows of Peachy, Nick, Wade and many other special guests. Prominent team members of the Warhammer TV full to offer their fans hours and hours of pictorial content and expert player advice on game strategies.

As if that weren't enough, Games Workshop has planned to publish all upcoming previews of Warhammer. On the occasion of 'AdeptiCon 2020, among the main American and international game fairs, which should have been held in the current month of March 2020, the Games Workshop had announced interesting previews and revelations.

Due to the COVID-19 emergency, the fair has been canceled, and the English house will maintain expectations by organizing two lives, the first scheduled for March 28 and the second on April 4, within which to present the content originally planned. for the adepticon.

Also the Games Workshop in this period is committed to new initiatives, pushing with their means, the motto #restateacasa.

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