Warhammer Age of Sigmar: General's Handbook 2020 is now available

The 2020 edition of the General's Handbook for Age of Sigmar, fifth anniversary of the supplement dedicated to the fantasy battle game of Games Workshop, brings new content to all passionate gamers for every game mode, from competitive to narrative. Age of Sigmar has just blown out 5 candles, and with it also its main supplement the General's Handbook. This was launched by the Nottingham house in order to expand and deepen the section of the game dedicated to organized play, a fundamental element of this three-dimensional table system.

The General's Handbook to date is not only useful as it contains scenarios and clarifications on the rules, but also introduces updated scores for the miniatures and units of the various armies, bringing to each edition a new wave of balances and new balances to update (modernize for many) the current state of the game.

In this issue, players will be able to find new and updated content for all approaches to the game, from competitive to open games, from narrative campaigns to multiplayer battles. For players looking for something more, the "Anvil of Apotheosis”Provides the rules for create your own heroes while being able to draw on all the lore of Age of Sigmar and use them in your own narrative games. This new addition is just one of the countless changes made by this supplement, such as the introduction for the air battles or changes made to realms of magic.

The standard edition of the General's Handbook 2020 is already available in stores at a price of € 25,00, a price in line with previous releases, and as usual it is also available in the digital edition, downloadable via the Warhammer Digital page. However for Azyr users the official GW Age of Sigmar builder app, the update will be released no earlier than next fall due to the upcoming release of the 9th edition of Wrahmamer 40,000 and the huge publicity for it.

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