Warhammer 40,000 Gladius - Review of the DLC introducing The Tyranids

After Relics of War, Proxy Studios and Slitherine Ltd have prepared a really nice surprise for all fans of the 4X title and the magical universe of Warhammer 40,000, introducing a fearsome new faction: I Tyranids.

A constantly growing universe

It seems that Gladius Prime find no peace and the dangerous army of gods arrives to contend for dominance on this now exhausted planet Tyranids. After having reviewed for you in depth the basic version of this interesting strategy, and its first major DLC, Relics of War, let's go today to discover the expansion that introduces a new faction.

On what was once a thriving and rich planet, right now there are only battlefields and brutality. Among the very dangerous Necrons, the wild Orks, Space Marines and Astra Militarum also enter the dangerous broods of one of the most beloved armies of Warhammer 40,000. After they managed to escape from a laboratory they implanted themselves on Gladius, i Tyranids they are now ready to step out of the shadows and face the other armies on equal terms (perhaps) to finally conquer the planet and reduce it like all the other conquered planets of the galaxy, simply a reservoir for their nourishment.

As lovers of the universe of Warhammer, The Tyranids they form a swarm of hideous devouring monsters and just like their nature so they will be played in Warhammer 40,000 Gladius. This particular army focuses on the accumulation of biomass, matter that they are able to expertly extract, both from the planet and from their enemies. Each city of this army is capable of stripping all forms of life in its surroundings, draining all resources, and even the planets colonized by these parasites can easily be considered as "disposable", once completely dried up, they set out to conquer new forms of life. Their way of playing also in the course of the strategy is very original: this army will aim at deploying a very high number of infantry, real slaughter fodder, useful to cover the backs to the heavy, very heavy cavalry. Their goal is to expand, to conquer more and more territory and resources useful for their growth, managing to recover biomass even from enemies, friends and above all from the tiles of the territory.

Make way for the devourers

After having made a long introduction to what are the general characteristics of this army, we are going to outline in a more precise way, what are the focal points of the last faction introduced in Warhammer 40,000 Gladius. This army, unlike its rivals, will not consume minerals and food, but will focus on the recovery of biomass. This is the main resource of the gods Tyranids, thanks to this they can build their own grotesque buildings, they can produce a prolonged quantity of broods and above all support units and population. 

Everything will be different from how you are used to using the other armies in the game and the energy function will also be different, because i Tyranids they do not need this resource to support their buildings, but it will be important to keep the level of high Influenza. Thanks to this feature, they will be able to thrive and show all their true aggression.

As we told you before, this is an army that aims for expansion, every player Tyranid, thanks to the low cost of the settlements, it will be encouraged to expand and decentralize, creating more and more cities, only in this way will they be able to collect the amount of biomass necessary for their maintenance. Each city and the Malantropi, they consume biomass directly from the game tiles, clearing the ground right up to the base.

It may seem strange to you but one of the dynamics most used by the generals of this army is recycling. That's right, this is a "green" army, because you can decide to dissolve your units after having served you very well to recover biomass. This technique will be important for all of your livelihood. It will also be very important to defeat your enemies, from which you can extrapolate more biomass, so you can improve your units and make you more dangerous every time. As if that were not enough, the enemies that will be killed in the area of ​​a Malantropo, will generate research points. This is a huge bonus, because it can also be improved, so as to allow you really interesting tactical choices.

What makes this army truly unique?

In playing I Tyranids, we found the use of instinct truly singular. The units are all symbiotically linked. This thread is not infinite, and units that come out of a synapse creature's range will revert to instinctive behavior until contact is restored. The funny thing is that each unit will react in a particular way when the link is restored, and it will be important to evaluate the use of this influence, because the creatures returned to their instincts will ignore the effect of "morale". Be warned though, that the penalty for returning to the original behavior will often be tough, so you'll have to play smart to get your synaptic units homogeneously across the map.

As for its arsenal, the originality of the weapons Tyranids lies in the fact that some units have poisoned weapons. The poison will inflict additional damage on your enemies, which is fun for those who use them and to keep in mind when facing this particular army. Even the blood of some units of Tyranids it is dangerous, because it is acidic and corrosive. The blood of these creatures can eat the armor of units and dissolve their flesh. Using this added value will be essential if you want to create real ambushes for your enemies.

As the last big news we find the fauna that travels with this army called Broodhive. These particular plants, disseminated by the army Tyranid, they dig through the ground with their roots, traversing the ground and everything they encounter, thus allowing monsters to pass unnoticed between the various areas of the map. Thanks to this peculiarity the army of Tyranids moves very well, because they will always be a constant danger to any enemy outpost.

A DLC to be discovered

We are convinced that Warhammer 40,000 Gladius is a good title for all lovers of 4X strategy games and for all fans of the universe Games Workshop. With the arrival of Relics of War, the title has reached a really interesting degree of depth but with the introduction of this new army, we are convinced it has improved a lot. If we previously complained of a certain redundancy, the introduction of Tyranids extends the longevity of the title, which continues to improve and continues to point out its margins to meet the needs of all players.

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