Warhammer 40,000 Gladius - Relics of War - Review of the new DLC Reinforcement Pack

War to conquer Gladius Prime it gets harder and harder, and with this new Reinforcement Packreinforcements arrive. We had already told you about the new work of Proxy Studios e Slitherine Ltd, Warhammer 40,000 Gladius: Relics of War, today instead we go to the discovery of the first paid DLC published (€ 3,99 on Steam): the Reinforcement Pack. With this small but interesting update, the software house has decided to introduce some units to increase the challenge and strategic level of the title.

Discovering what's new

Nothing is written yet in the fight for Gladius Prime, and with this addition, history has never been so in the balance, also because a new enemy lurks in the dark. The Reinforcement Pack aims to introduce five new units, one for each faction plus one for the neutral faction, so as to be able to fill a void in the options of all commanders. Below we list the units.

- The Immortals join the Necron army. This unit is one of the most historic and dangerous of this faction. Since the time before biotransference, the Immortals were the elite soldiers of the Necrontyr and marched at the forefront of their galactic conquests. Back to life again in bodies made entirely of metal, they are now the shock troops of every self-respecting Necron army. This faction acquires a flagship unit with the Immortals, unlike the Necron Warriors, useful more than anyone else to build mass and be treated like meat (metal) for slaughter. The generals of this army will have to use the Immortals well, to make them perform at their best and exploit all their great destructive power, since they will be fully armed and armored to withstand the toughest attacks;

- Tempestus Scions for Astra Militarum. Tempestus Scions strike terror among other troops in their own army. Trained in secret and tactical operations, they specialize in very fast and precise raids, so much so that they complete each of their missions in the shortest possible time. They don't feel like heroes or mere soldiers, they move with the ideal that everything they take down is for the good of the Empire itself. The generals will have to sip the raids of this new faction, but if played well they will be devastating;

- For the tough Orcs, the Flash Gitz are coming. This new unit is perhaps the most grotesque of all five to come. You must know that the Flash Gitz are the richest in their army. Thanks to their pirate missions around the galaxy they have grown richer than anyone else. They are real mercenaries, vandals and powerful, they can count on an incredible strength, interesting armaments and on the prodigious dakka. Being real futuristic pirates, the Flash Gitz are excellent for overcoming your enemy in drone battles, so much so that once you open fire from a troop of Flash Gitz, the field will become submerged by a shower of energy bullets. Don't underestimate them.- Land Raiders are coming for the Space Marines. If you are familiar with the world of Warhammer 40,000, you may have never heard of Land Raiders. When these huge armored beasts descend on the battlefield, the earth trembles and the enemies flee in fear. It is the army's war engine, so armored that it is almost unstoppable, capable of disintegrating enemy walls and barricades while filling them with fire. The energy beams of this colossus are so powerful that they make the armor of the enemies insignificant, and they find themselves melted in their presence. It is generally launched to break the enemy's lines, while the Adeptus Astartes come out and finish the job. This beast should not be played in an arrembante way, because only if launched at the right moment can it almost by itself overturn the fate of every fight; - Neophyte hybrids for neutrals. This is the fifth troop that is added to the title, very similar to humans they can almost get confused with each other. The cultists have survived a life of hard work. Backed by the alien genes that permeate their bodies, the Third and Fourth Generation Hybrids Neophytes can infiltrate the ranks of the enemy army, some even making it into the Astra Militarum. Only when they are in combat and at the right time does this unit show its true identity by acting as a serpent in the bosom, once they have risen, they can help you conquer and break down the enemy defenses. The newbies, are perhaps the most tactical unit of the five additions, if played smartly, they will guarantee you that extra bit of strategy that is expected with this Gladius - Relics of War;

A DLC worth investing in?

If you are a fan of the Warhammer 40,000 genre and fantasy settings, there is no doubt that this $ 3.99 is money well spent. The addition of new units undoubtedly manages to prolong the fun and our possible actions. Each of the five units should not be underestimated and gives that extra bit of depth to every army, you do not know how beautiful it is to launch the Land Raider against the enemy's defenses, or see how many shots they can fire Flash Gitz. We still expect a lot from the developers, because Gladius - Relics of War in addition to the Reinforcement Pack can definitely continue to grow and entertain us.

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Warhammer 40,000 Gladius: Relics of War - Review of the strategic 4X by Proxy Studios and Slitherine Ltd ❯
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