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One of the great advantages of the new console generation is the "enhanced" backward compatibility, ie the ability to run old games at a higher quality. Obviously this is often possible thanks to the introduction of a dedicated patch, which improves a video game from multiple points of view. This is also the case with Warframe which, after years and years of honorable service, comes up PS5 with various improvements.

Our tests were based on a direct comparison between the PS4 version and the PS5 version by Warframe. In this ours Warframe review on PS5 we will analyze the most relevant differences.

Uploads and Resolution

As with many other games, Warframe takes advantage of the PS5's SSD for significantly reduce loading times. In a single second the very first loading is solved (compared to the 7 seconds of the HDD) and, after connecting and checking for updates, it only takes about ten seconds and a little more to enter the game. The savings are approximately 30 seconds.

The difference is also noticeable in in-game uploads, an easy test can be performed by going from Cetus to the Plains of Eidolon simply by walking. The waiting time for the opening of the doors, which hide the loading, is about 40 seconds less. As with any game, but especially in one like Warframe where you switch from one mission to another (with relative uploads) every few minutes, being able to reduce time wasting is very important.

The loading speed also has a big effect on the environmental elements that no longer suffer from that annoying pop up of the old-gen version. In the market of Cetus, full of objects, it is possible to run and roll at maximum speed without anything being suddenly loaded in front of our eyes as we move.

To improve is also the resolution and the frame rate (now up to 60 FPS in 4K), which allow you to live a more fluid and detailed experience. For example, let's make a comparison on our Tenno in the foreground, which inevitably we will find ourselves watching very often. As you can see, the resolution increase allows for highlighting more details of the armor and weapons on the back.

The new lighting system

As you may have noticed, however, it's not just the resolution increase that changes things. The bulk of the work is done by the new lighting system. The images collected come from the aforementioned Cetus, one of the first settlements of the game, a comfortable place in which to observe the main changes.

Let's start with, for example ombre, almost absent in the PS4 version, now much more realistic on PS5. Both our Tenno and its fluttering companion cast a complete shadow on the ground. The difference is perfectly visible in the two images below.

The advantage of the new lighting system, however, is not only linked to the length of the shadow, but also to thearea affected by light effects. Take, for example, the landing area of ​​Cetus: in the PS4 version the texture is in no way affected by the light, as if it were in permanent shadow regardless of the position of the sun. On PS5, however, the presentation is much more realistic.

The increased resolution and enhanced lighting effects also allow multiple environmental elements to be more detailed and natural. Furthermore, in case of reflections of wet surfaces from the rain, on PS5 there is a more realistic effect, while on PS4 you are simply dazzled, as if you had a spotlight pointed in your eyes.

Even more relevant though is the fact that the PS5 version of Warframe can leverage the superior power of the console to introduce more polygon elements and increase the render distance. In fact, the following pair of images allows you to notice two macro elements: first of all, in the lower right corner there is an additional pole. In the background, however, there is an extra tree.

In addition, light and details also play an important role with thewater. As you can see, on PS4 Warframe offers a flat texture with no light reflections. Although the ripples of the water have not been changed, on PS5 the lighting system helps to highlight them, giving an effect of greater realism (even more sensitive in motion, less impact in a single frame).

Finally, we offer you acomparison image from the Cetus market which brings together all the enhancements of Warframe on PS5 in one fell swoop. For example, you can see the huge difference caused by the light that affects not only the shadows but also the colors of the textures, creating more contrast and making the scene more alive. Also note the leaves of the tree in the upper center: the light gives more depth and clarity to the crown of the plant.

At the top right, however, you can see the tops of other trees: in the PS4 version the foliage is less in number and detail. L'resolution increase instead, it has an effect on the closest elements, which are now clearer: look for example at the cable with the three blue lanterns in the center of the image. In addition, the blue, green and red signs in the center of the image have additional writings, not displayed on PS4.

The advantages of DualSense

However, all the improvements mentioned are only part of the package. Warframe, on PS5, has well thought of taking advantage of the unique functions of DualSense. Thanks to the ability to start the PS4 version via PS5 (after downloading both versions, of course), anyone can make a quick comparison and realize the difference.

While far from the peaks touched by Astro's Playroom, the DualSense's haptic feedback allows it to take a step up from the generic vibe of the PS4 version of Warframe. Each shot fired is felt on the hands, with differences between weapons such as a generic shotgun and a bow, which returns the tension of the string and the shot of the arrow.

R2 also resists the pressure slightly making each bullet hit more physical. This isn't a particularly fine or complex implementation, but it is a well-integrated plus and that helps add an extra sensory dimension to the experience. Our hope is that what we did with DualSense in Warframe will become the norm on PS5.

A recommended step

The transition to the PS5 version, therefore, is more than recommended. The game is at its best in the console world and on Sony's next-gen platform there is the exclusive advantage of using DualSense. Warframe is also free to play, so it goes without saying that this technical upgrade is completely free. The game è cross-play PS5-PS4 therefore, even if your team does not yet have the new generation console, there is no risk of being divided: in the worst case you will have to wait for their loading, slower than yours, to finish. Try not to let them weigh it.

Historical fans will then be able to continue their adventures, switching smoothly to the new version: just do it be careful to download the correct one! The PS4 version launched on PS5 has better uploads, but otherwise lacks all the novelties described.

If, on the other hand, you are a new player who has yet to begin their journey in Warframe, know that you must prepare yourself for a huge universe, from many points of view. Warframe counts, after years of updates, lots of contents and many mechanics. The first stages can be tackled lightly, without worrying too much about materials, projects, mods and so on, but as you go on you find yourself in a game that demands dedication and grinding before being dominated.

However, being free, fun in the cooperative, having (especially now) a beautiful graphics, multiple contents and a intuitive and satisfying gameplay, even those in doubt should give Warframe a chance.




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Warframe on PS5 is in a nutshell the best version of the game currently available on consoles. Resolution, frame rate and uploads have improved significantly but to completely change the look of the game is the new lighting system, which acts on the entire graphic presentation of the free to play. There is no reason not to continue your adventures with this version if you have PS5 and are a fan of the game. Those who have always ignored it now have an additional opportunity to try it, if only to take advantage of the unique functions of DualSense.


  • New lighting system
  • Unique functions of DualSense
  • Cross-play
  • Better uploads, resolution and frame rate
  • The new graphics do not hide the grinding of the final stages
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