Warcry: presented the new band The Unmade!

What is more terrifying in the Mortal Realms: the endless and ever-changing ravages of Chaos, or the inevitable oblivion of the Death? In the end, this new band of Warcry: BOTH. Come and discover the first images of the scariest inhabitants of Shyish - a band of Warcry which makes it look like i Nighthaunt of the little lambs. Here it is: The Unmade.

Like many bands of Warcry, come from a specific Mortal Realm - if there weren't enough clues such as skulls, black robes and the general atmosphere of oppressive and creeping terror - these characters hail from Shyish, the Kingdom of Death.

Once upon a time, there were Unmade benevolent philosopher kings famous in the Kingdom of Death for their wisdom and nobility (If you are a longtime fan of Warhammer, you know something tragic is about to be told). Exasperated to battle the undead hordes, the inhabitants of this land (a place known as Tzlid) they were driven to worship the gods of Chaos, who promptly rewarded them by turning them into manic cultists obsessed with pain and mutilation - they seriously wear their faces like belts.

The Unmade will represent a deadly band of Warcry for fans of both Death and Chaos at the same time, and will be ideal for those of you who never get enough darkness and gloomy settings in your hobby.

We know you guys are hungry for more news about Warcry, fear not, worshipers of Chaos, updates on the new skirmish game in the Mortal Realms are coming very, very soon! Make sure you don't miss it by continuing to follow Boards Legends also on Facebook.

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