WandaVision: what will happen in the final episode? The director of the series speaks

WandaVision, the highly acclaimed TV series Marvel Studios and available exclusively on Disney +, is about to reach the end credits. Although fans of the MCU can't wait to find out how the show will end, dabbling with the most disparate theories, in the past few hours the director of the show, Matt Shakman, gave a long interview to Entertainment Weekly's microphones, focusing on what will happen in the last episode, on the role of Evan Peters and what will be the future of the series. Let's start with order.

Speaking with EW, Shakman revealed that he previewed the ending of WandaVision and, although he did not go into the details of the plot, he recalled that the show is about Wanda's pain and her journey in dealing with it. So while the ending might disappoint some Marvel fans, they made sure to create an ending that made sense for the series' narrative. We report his words in detail:

I hope this trip has been satisfying for the fans. I know there are so many theories out there; there will be many people who will undoubtedly be disappointed. We're telling the story of how Wanda is coping with grief, while learning to accept loss. We hope that people are amazed and satisfied with the surprising ending.

But that's not all, since during the interview the director of the series not only confirmed that the real plan of Hayward (and SWORD) was to recreate White vision, but also unveiled that Evan Peters will return in the final episode, thus allowing fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to find out more about the identity of the mysterious character. Finally, Matt Shakman reiterated that at the moment there is no project in the pipeline relating to a second season of WandaVision, even if as previously confirmed by the same Kevin Feige, the plans of the House of Ideas could change during construction. We report in detail what was said to the Collider microphones:

I love working at Marvel. It is the best place in the world. They are great with directors and I have had a wonderful journey with this show. We don't have any plans for WandaVision season 2 - that could change, of course. It all depends on how the story will evolve. We were very focused on telling this story in nine episodes and we hope to arrive at a satisfying, but also surprising conclusion.

Looking forward to enjoying the latest episode of WandaVision, which will be the longest of the show and will air exclusively on Disney + Friday March 5, we point out that in the past few hours a new video has been released that anticipates the grand finale of the season.

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