WandaVision: this is how mutants could appear in the Marvel series

The most talked about TV series of the moment is undoubtedly WandaVision, a content divided into 9 episodes that has accompanied us in these last 8 weeks every Friday and which, on March 5, will come to an end. We already know that the series will then introduce us to the film Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, and also that Wanda herself will appear in that film, but until now many theories have been living in the air proposing various types of solutions, each based on different and quite valid hypotheses. So if WandaVision is coming to an end and is accompanying us to the resolution of all doubts, it is also true that in this latest episode Marvel, in its Marvel Cinematic Universe, he performed (almost) the first retcon.

We remind you that this article, talking about events related to the eighth episode of WandaVision, is full of spoilers. If you haven't seen the episode, wait to read it.

For the uninitiated, "RetCon”Stands for Retroactive Continuity, which is a narrative device designed to change past events, and WandaVision did just that for the first time in the MCU (at least in a clear and obvious way, since in some previous films we have seen small changes). In Captain America: The Winter Soldier we first saw Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, the twins we know to be Scarlet Witch e Quicksilver: defined as miracles by the Baron Strucker, the two boys obviously weren't called mutants at the time since i Rights of the X-Men were from Fox. But what we saw in the last episode differs a little from what we knew.

Before we move on, let's start with the basics: probably Wanda Maximoff she was already, as a child, endowed with some latent power. In fact, in the bomb scene it seems clear (as Agatha says) that Wanda used a magic of probability, capable of making the explosion fall into the probabilistic side of failure. This also adds to the next step that sees Wanda participate in the experiments Hydra linked to the gem of the mind (or rather, to the scepter): the dynamics are therefore very different from what, in the beginning, we thought of as exhausting experiments done on twins.

I mean, so Wanda already had her powers - unless Agatha did not lie - placing her among the beings with powers: obviously we do not know if these are linked to a possible gene X or if, as I think it is more likely, she is some sort of entity, a bit like what happens with the Phoenix. The focus of the discussion then revolves around what is the Scarlet Witch, the myth that Agatha mentions: it seems to speak of her as a cosmic entity (which would be connected in a good way with the discourse of the gems, also explaining why that of the mind reacts in that way to the sight of Wanda). Also interesting is the connection with Wanda's costume in the episode of Halloween: to the question about that dress, she replies defining it "Sokovian witch“, Perhaps sketching a clue related to a possible Sokovian myth about this legendary being (I know it looks a lot Dragonball, but now things are starting to get interesting).

Hence, most likely, the contact with a cosmic power (the gem of the Mind) has fully awakened the powers of Scarlet Witch, defined by Agatha as Chaos Magic, capable of changing the matrix of reality. But then, Is Wanda Maximoff a mutant? No. The protagonist is simply a cosmic entity capable of altering reality. But then Peter?

My theory, which takes shape here, is linked to a very practical pun and to the MCU line of thought, which follows a bit the concept of Okkam's razor, favoring easy explanations to abstruse theories. To go on, however, let us also remember that Marvel does not tell us anything without reason: for this reason the dialogue between the two guards of theHydra, who claim as dead all the volunteers who tried to touch the stone, I think it's very important.

Simply, most likely, the mutation in Pietro was triggered by Wanda which, at the sight (or perception) of the dying brother, has altered his DNA (as happened with Monica Rambeau passing the force field several times) in such a way as to make it resist, causing the birth of Gene X, or that with practicality we could call Gene Hex. If in fact the powers of Wanda in the comic are called Hex, here instead the force field takes this name, and the assonance between Factor X e Hex factor it is terribly practical.

In short, what is this for, if not to generate a fracture in the multiverse (Dr. Strange we come) by exploding this Hex Field outwards, altering the people who, perhaps already predisposed, could become the early mutants? It would be terribly coherent for mutants to be born from that person who, a cosmic entity endowed with powers awakened by a Gem of the Infinity, she had already managed to bestow the same powers on her brother years ago.

This theory is obviously such, it is based on assumptions and certainly could be disproved: we have already seen the The Marvel movies do it several times. We don't even want to mention the colors of the spells and compare them with those of the stones (thus defining the magic of the MCU as a kind of derivative of the Gems). Of course they could also develop everything by defining the Maximoff twins as already set up, but then why did Wanda develop the Chaos Magic and Peter the power of super speed, which doesn't even show hints of any color or magic of any kind? We will see what the latest episode of WandaVision on Disney + will tell us at the end.

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