WandaVision - Review of the third episode coming out on Disney +

For the second week, and with immense joy, we find ourselves reviewing the third episode of WandaVision. The new series, out weekly on Disney +, is the first title in the Fourth Phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not a small task given the expectations that all fans - in abstinence from the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home - placed in this title. Furthermore, for those who missed it, on our site you can find the review of the first two episodes, which immediately aroused enormous interest in all fans of the genre. Surely we are talking about a particular series, without too many explosions or shootings (at least for the moment), but which in its apparent tranquility, hides much greater secrets than we could expect.

From what we have been able to see, in fact, each episode will be filled with hidden information and apparent errors and ambiguities, which will lead the viewer to gradually understand the general plot. In the first two parts, released simultaneously, we were able to enter the perfect world of Wanda Maximoff e Vision. The two, who have recently moved to a small town, seem to be the perfect pair of American sitcoms. Obviously, in the course of the episodes, clues were scattered that made the whole audience turn up their noses and intrigue. As difficult as it is to review such a title while avoiding spoilers, we will do our best and assure you of "full protection" for the rest of the article.

Everything begins to come together ...

If the first two episodes of WandaVision they were the perfect representation of two Sit-Coms from the '50s and' 60s, at the end of episode number two their entire universe had become in color. Here we are in one perfect 70s series. Afro hair, flared pants and bright colors will be one of the main features of this episode. In addition to the appearance of the colors, we remember the unusual final scene of the last episode, which saw Wanda find herself pregnant - and also in a rather advanced state - unexpectedly and inexplicably. This third episode will be totally focused on the upcoming birth of little Tommy - or Billy - and on the very short gestation period of “Scarlett Witch”. It is now clear to everyone how the times within this title are excessively tightened and constricted. It is not yet clear whether this is yet another reference to Sit-Coms, in which it is usual to restrict the times to make everything more comic and smooth, or if it is a choice inherent to the plot. In both cases the situation is handled by directors and screenwriters in a manner impeccable, guessing comic tempos and average length of exchanges.

A particular event, which will lead us to have a clearer general situation, will see Wanda's friend and neighbor as the protagonist. Geraldine. Known in the second episode, this character is immediately curious in the eyes of the public. A first indecision regarding his own name at the time of the introductions and a strange reference to the powers of Wanda and Vision used during the performance of magic for charity, were the first signs that immediately made us understand that it was not a character like the others. During this third episode, in fact, the true identity of Geraldine will come out.

What is behind this character? How will Wanda deal with the discovery of the truth? You just have to watch the third episode of WandaVision and begin to formulate increasingly realistic hypotheses. We like to remember, in fact, that one of the positives of enigmatic series like these is the possibility of having fun trying to find out in advance what is actually the truth and what is really going on. Now that everyone is clear that something of Wanda and Vision's everyday life is wrong, the truth is getting closer and closer. We too of Resources4Gaming we have hypotheses and we want to talk about them with you. We therefore remind you that tonight 22/01 from 21.00 you will find us live on our channel Twitch for a thematic discussion WandaVision e MCU.

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