WandaVision - Review of the sixth episode of the tv series on Disney +

Now the success of WandaVision is rampant and among many fans and enthusiasts not only of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but also of the TV series in general now do nothing but anxiously wait for the arrival of the following Friday, so as to enjoy the new episode on the adventures of Wanda Maximoff e Vision su Disney +. Now trapped for weeks in the laughing, but at the same disturbing, town of Westview, our two protagonists are about to reach a breaking point: one is becoming more and more aware that now what revolves around him is nothing more than a mere illusion, while the other is no longer able to keep her husband at bay, who wants to find out what's wrong with this New Jersey town.

WandaVision in the Middle

In this fifth episode, a bit like we had already begun to understand in the last one, the real protagonists will be the twins and children of Wanda and Vision: Billy and Tommy will in fact take over in this episode and will be the real fulcrum on which the events of this episode set during the night of Halloween will turn. If in the last episode we were in the middle of the 80s as a setting, this time the time jump will be much more incisive, bringing us already at the beginning of the 2000 with an episode that takes full inspiration from the TV series Malcolm (or Malcolm in the Middle in the original), which was very popular in that period. The references to the aforementioned comedy are many, from the theme that takes a lot of inspiration from the original one, to the fact that Billy Maximoff every now and then to introduce some of the scenes speaks directly to the camera and so on.

The character introduced at the end of the last episode, leaving shocked not only the spectators but also the characters themselves within the sitcom, will be one of the key elements of this episode and of many theories related to WandaVision, as he too is fully aware of being in an abnormal place. Vision, still shaken by the revelations he experienced just a day earlier, with an excuse he moves away from Wanda and the children to go find other answers in the streets of Westview. Following the story of the android, the tones will become much darker and more disturbing, and precisely in his patrol he will come to a big revelation that will definitely entice him to try to get out of the Hexagon and discover what is hidden outside it. Meanwhile, just outside the anomaly, the trio of agents consisting of Darcy Lewis, Jimmy woo e Monica rambeau he confronts directly with the director of the SWORD about what infuriated Wanda in the previous episode. At a good pace, Hayward so he decides to remove them from this operation… which instead will push the trio to forcefully infiltrate one of the agency's main camps, where they will discover a great secret connected to Vision and his body. Could it be all about a plan to resurrect the poor android destroyed by Thanos?


The drop that breaks the camel's back

This episode marks a huge turning point regarding the powers of Wanda, which pushed on the one hand by too much awareness of the new character introduced in the series very close to her, and by what she intends to do Vision at the borders of Westview, will bring the Sokovian witch to really go further in order to save her beloved, bringing the anomaly to levels it had never reached before, using the same Hexagon also to attack those who from outside are trying in every way to stop it (who with good luck, and who with bad).

In this episode of WandaVision, more than in the others, we can see the real turning point that the series has now undertaken, preparing us for a truly majestic series finale and which will lead the way to what awaits us in this 4th Phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which will have to get up after the enormous success of the "Infinity Saga" which ended with Avengers: Endgame. By now we are all with our mouths watering to discover what lies behind this strange anomaly that Wanda can control, but has not generated, while we wonder if the actions of Vision - which have finally allowed him to have a effective contact with the outside world - will allow him to regain his memories and have a definitive awareness of what has been and what could be if it ends up in the wrong hands.

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