WandaVision - Review of the seventh episode of the Disney + series

Week after week, WandaVision continues to bewitch the public, proving to be the result of a perfectly successful experiment by the Marvel Studios. Now in the seventh and third to last episode, the television series that starting from last January 15 officially kicked off the Fourth Phase of The Marvel movies Cinematic Universe continues to prove to be completely different from everything the The Marvel movies has shown us on the big screen over the past few years and, through a singular passage through all the characteristics of sitcoms over the decades, has been able to transport us on a unique journey, full of mysteries, revelations and twists. 

The fine line between real life and sitcoms is becoming more blurred and difficult to distinguish and, following the events that occurred during the sixth episode, Wanda is increasingly losing control of her reality, which is extremely evident due to the constant glitch of the objects that surround it, which continue to adapt quickly to the canons of one sitcom era to another. After keeping us on our toes for the umpteenth week, WandaVision is again ready to surprise us and give us important information regarding what concerns the future of Marvel Cinematic Universe and all the characters we have come to like and will be introduced shortly. Here is our review of the seventh episode of WandaVision, available from today on the streaming platform Disney +.

A new threat?

The last episode left us at the mercy of events, showing us the ESA anomaly widening and incorporating within it the logistical base that SWORD  created in order to monitor the situation within Westview. The feeling of artificiality that has accompanied us since the first episode has slowly fueled the suspicions of Vision who, following a discussion with his wife Wanda, decided to investigate the town, trying to get out of the barrier of magical energy that until then. moment separated it from the rest of the world. Also on this occasion we have the opportunity to see firsthand what is happening both inside and outside the anomaly through the eyes of Wanda, who intends to take a day only and exclusively for herself following the events of the evening. previous, of Vision and Darcy Lewis, both eager to find out what's really going on in Westview and, finally, of Monica Rambeau, whose body was irreversibly modified by the mysterious energy barrier.

As the twins begin to struggle with their new powers and Vision will finally have the chance to find out everything that happened to them before WandaVision, the series will continue to hint that there is something wrong and that Wanda. he is certainly not the only character capable of using magic within the town. A great revelation shows us what may have been the real threat from the very beginning, the mind that has hitherto been hiding behind the bizarre events that have taken place within Westview, the mysterious return of Pietro Maximoff and, above all, of the definitive loss of control of Wanda, already severely tested by the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Avenger: Endgame. WandaVision finally seems willing to answer our doubts but, at the same time, it is still able to open a large number of questions, officially transporting us to the series finale and, probably, to an exciting final fight.

A "modern family"

Also in this case we are faced with a practically perfect management of the episode, able to show us in an extremely limited period of time all the different points of view of the main characters. This episode marks the definite turning point of the series, officially projecting us in the direction of the finale. At this point it is quite evident that WandaVision will irreversibly mark the Marvel Cinematic Universe, bringing us closer to a component that until now has been treated only superficially within the products released on the big screen: Magic. Magic is in effect the fulcrum of the entire production and most likely in the future it will be one of the concepts that will be further explored by the company.

It is in fact necessary to remember that WandaVision has officially kicked off the Fourth Phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the enormous success of the third, which ended with the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home, characterized above all by Avenger: Endgame and which will go to connect directly with two titles that will see the return of some of the most popular characters of the entire MCU, namely Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness e Spider-Man 3, thus consolidating Marvel's intention to intertwine the products coming out on the big screen with those coming to the Disney + streaming platform. We are getting closer and closer to the final episode but, despite everything, WandaVision still does not seem willing to let us go. The weekly release of the episodes, albeit harshly criticized by the public, turned out a real strength of the series, and Marvel has demonstrated on multiple occasions that they know how to handle cliff-hangers in the best possible way, always leaving us waiting to find out what will happen in the next episode. Also in this case the actual revelation takes up the last minutes and, perhaps more than ever, does nothing but feed the theories of the public and make us look forward to next Friday.

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